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70 tablatures for Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus - Killing On Adrenaline (8/10) - USA - 1998

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Blunt Force Records
Playing time: 34:33
Band homepage: Dying Fetus


  1. Killing On Adrenaline
  2. Procreate The Malformed
  3. Fornication Terrorists
  4. We Are Your Enemy
  5. Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog
  6. Absolute Defiance
  7. Judgment Day
  8. Intentional Manslaughter
One of the poster boys for modern Death Metal, DYING FETUS were a band developing their sound in opening salvos “Infatuation With Malevolence” and “Purification Through Violence,” yet on their third release “Killing On Adrenaline” DYING FETUS truly set out the stall for the contemporary deluge of Grind/Death Metal crossover bands.
Helped in no small part by the addition of human drum machine and frequent band hopper Kevin Talley, “Killing On Adrenaline” saw DYING FETUS move from the shadows of their Death Metal piers and to a large degree cast away the mid paced music of old for a more blasting brand of Death Metal still infused with the essential groove and dual vocal styling of hardcore shouts and pig low gutturals of John Gallagher and Jason Netherton. With a lineup rounded out by original recording guitarist Brian Latta this, to a great deal of fans, is considered the breakout album of an already infamous band.
Lyrically “Killing On Adrenaline” saw DYING FETUS expand on the overriding gore related themes of their earlier releases and concentrate more explicitly on politics and violence. To a level “Killing On Adrenaline” was DYING FETUS growing up and coming of age. Whilst the sentiments of some of the lyrics seem a little scattered and primitive, the true sense of anger conveyed through the booklet is tangible and conveyed well through a well handled utilization of the vocal stylings.
With an ultra low end production that flaunts Netherton’s bass work and Talley’s intricate double kick patterns, there is still plenty of space for the powerful driving guitars that shred and chug throughout the blasts and groove elements with quality musicianship. What truly sets apart “Killing On Adrenaline” from their first two records is the quality of songwriting and how the increased use of blasts are textured and juxtaposed against the more traditional groove and breakdown sections, working generally well together especially in the long opening two tracks. However, that said, in the shorter coyer tracks like “Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog” some of the compositions come across like the production, cluttered and sloppy.   
“Killing On Adrenaline” was probably DYING FETUS one album (and Sparky Voyles) from their best. Whilst I am a fan of their more recent works I probably prefer the output of MISERY INDEX the band that was created when DYING FETUS disintegrated following “Destroy The Opposition.” Speaking with the power of hindsight, “Killing On Adrenaline” is largely seen as the catalyst of DYING FETUS’s second era. Musically somewhat removed from the “classic” era, “Killing On Adrenaline” was the beginning of a new sound and a new direction. With blasts in tow it’s still the slower riffs and breakdown structures layered over Talley’s lightning kicks that get me about this album.
Despite the curious production “Killing On Adrenaline” was one of the Death Metal highlights of the late 90’s, an era that to a greater part saw Death Metal swallow itself under over zealous releases and quality control free mantras of ill advised indy labels. As a piece of music it remains relevant today almost a decade on and helped DYING FETUS galvanize a path into the Death Metal greats. Being worth ten pounds for “Killing On Adrenaline” and “Procreate the Malformed” alone, it remains an album I would buy today had I not five years ago. If you like Death Metal, Grindcore or well played Heavy Metal “Killing On Adrenaline” should be right up their with “Destroy the Opposition” on your wishlist.

(Online June 4, 2007)

Richard Williams

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