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Fully Consumed - s/t (6,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Epitomite Productions
Playing time: 33:27
Band homepage: Fully Consumed


  1. Murder In The Name Of Jesus
  2. Circle Of Hate
  3. Frantikus
  4. Slavior
  5. Doldrums
  6. Send AM
  7. Man Of Peace
  8. Stick Your Neck Out
  9. Fractured Reality
  10. Extinguish
Fully Consumed - s/t
Epitomite Productions are garnering themselves a reputation for finding some neat Death Metal bands who have yet to make the break through and FULLY CONSUMED are yet another to add into that burgeoning portfolio. Originating from Akron, Ohio, FULLY CONSUMED are a band showing real promise on their first long player, playing a form of Death/Grind that could be the missing link between Dutch/Belgian Death/Grind (SEVERE TORTURE, DISAVOWED, INHUME and PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT) and Canadian Technical Death Metal (CRYPTOPSY and NEURAXIS).
Erring for the more brutal aesthetics of the Flemish Death/Grind bands whilst layering the music with technical guitar riffing, FULLY CONSUMED create a sound of their own using a variety of tempos, time signatures and groove that keeps the material, to a certain extent, fresh. In fact for a debut “Fully Consumed” shows a great deal of creativity in how the songwriting is approached, not overusing the more intricate elements and interesting riffs whilst also not bombarding the listener with half an hour of shapeless blasting as many Death Metal bands are wanton to do these days.
What does let the record down however, is some sloppy production values. In an effort to show off the effects driven guitar work of ex-TON bassist Jeff Shepler as it switches between buzz saw blasting riffs to twiddily finger gymnastics, the drumming, bass and vocals have been lost in the mix. Whilst this is no great shame for the drumming as the clicky double kicks and drum work show a lack of originality, if not wanting for speed, the vocals which traverse Grindcore screams and guttural growls are very well handled and powerful, but ultimately buried in the malaise of the rhythm section.  
With such an expansive list of influences on their MySpace page it does become apparent as the record winds on through it’s fourth spin that at time some of the riffing and feel of “Fully Consumed” is a little borrowed, but then again I’m pressed these days to find a Death Metal record that doesn’t remind me of something already produced and negativity aside, FULLY CONSUMED are a band that can play and write some interesting tracks like “Circle Of Hate” and “Fractured Reality” which are lent an epic quality with the mix of tempos and creative mid paced bridging riffs juxtaposed against the blasting, or the relentless feel of the opening track that doesn’t utilize just one riff to keep the blasting elements driving along but rather utilizes a well handled series that ride across an unstoppable bass line.
FULLY CONSUMED are a band showing real potential, allowed to see the light of day by Epitomite. With any luck their sophomore album will be graced by a production which allows them to expand upon the variety of elements displayed on “Fully Consumed” whilst also lending them that extra edge of power most Death/Grind bands rely on. Nonetheless if you like Death Metal you will certainly find something on this debut, even if it isn’t one of those CDs that take months to remove from the stereo.

(Online June 6, 2007)

Richard Williams

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