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Thorium - Unleashing The Demons (5,5/10) - Denmark - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 36:25
Band homepage: Thorium


  1. Unleashing The Demons
  2. Nocturnal Prophet Of Destruction
  3. Mark Of Wrath
  4. Hateful Vengeance
  5. Infestation Of Salvation
  6. Throne Of Infernal Fire
  7. Warlust
  8. Altars Of Blood
  9. Constructor Of Chaos
  10. Mangled Screams
  11. Cancer Fucking Cancer (CANCER-cover)
Thorium - Unleashing The Demons
Diehard Music presents: THORIUM. While I just listened to my first Danish band, KOLDBORN, the second Danish band I hear comes pretty soon after it on the to-review pile. "Unleashing The Demons" is the second officially released full-length album of THORIUM, released in 2002 as a follow-up to the in 2000 released "Oceans Of Blasphemy".

Let's not turn around things, the best word to describe this is…: Standard. On very few occasions I really have the feeling I'm listening to more than an alright recording here. It's not necessarily the qualities of the musicians that are the problems, they seem to be very capable at what they do. But apart from 1 or 2 songs and a handful of riffs, "Unleashing The Demons" fails to impress me. "Nocturnal Prophet Of Destruction" has one very good riff with double bass underneath, "Mark Of Wrath" is a pretty good song, "Hateful Vengeance" has a good riff which unfortunately it's repeated too much and kinda loses it's effect, "Warlust" sounds good but far from original, which also counts for "Altars of Blood" and so on. I guess the good intentions can be found everywhere, but at no point does it get past the good intentions to outstanding songs.

I'm sure this CD is quite enjoyable while having a beer night with your friends, but apart from that I have not much desire to play this on a regular basis. But as Metal taste is a very objective matter my only suggestion is to give THORIUMs "Unleashing The Demons" a chance to see if you do like it! For me it just doesn't do the trick. (Online September 4, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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