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36 tablatures for Finntroll

Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup (8/10) - Finland - 2007

Genre: Black Metal / Folk Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 55:56
Band homepage: Finntroll


  1. Gryning
  2. Sang
  3. Korpen Saga
  4. Nedgang
  5. Ur Djupet
  6. Slagbroder
  7. En Maktig Har
  8. Ormhaxan
  9. Maktens Spira
  10. Under Tva Runor
  11. Kvallning

I’d pay through the nose to see BLACKMORE’S NIGHT play with these crazy bastards. Imagine Ritchie (in his tights, 40 denier opaque please) and his entourage of jesters and merry-men inter-splicing the Black Metal Humppa mayhem with the Folky interludes on one side of the stage and on the other FINNTROLL in all their beer swelling troll inducing dancing chaos. Quite a sight I’d imagine. Still FINNTROLL is not that far removed from Blackmore’s propensity for lutes, accordions, fiddles and those drums you hit with a dog bone. Although the Finns express themselves in a slightly more dynamic and furious manner the marriage of Extreme Metal and the rich Melodic sounds of Folk are rarely done better.


FINNTROLL is quite evidently mad as the proverbial hatter. I can only assume that large amounts of alcohol libation are consumed any time the band gets near a recording studio. Quite possibly you’d have to be rigorously under the influence to listen to this as well such is the over whelming over the top madness of the whole project.


As I understand it FINNTROLL has survived many set backs and that through the adversity the band has still managed to put out constant quality records. Therefore I’d suggest that ‘’Ur Jordens Djup’’ is along similar lines with the previous four albums, plenty of snarling spitting vocals, thundering drums, rampant solos and crushing riffs all put into the pot with some Folk type Melody and the occasional flurry into Humppa land. Bewildering isn’t the word for the uninitiated. Believe me.


Personally I prefer what they do without the vocals. That aside the music is actually as rewarding as it is refreshing. There are plenty of Power Metal/Battle Metal reference points than you could poke your sword at. Opening track ‘’Gryning’’ is a paean to ‘’Conan The Barbarian’’ if ever there was one and whilst the band get into full Extreme flow with ‘’Sang’’ there’s some fine Power Metal riffing going on. And ‘’Korpens Saga’’ melds the Metal/Folk influence a la ENSIFERUM to quite excellent effect.


All in all and despite my reservations on Extreme vocals there’s much to admire and raise a flagon of ale to with FINNTROLL.


Isn’t it amazing what you can record spending so much time under a bridge in semi darkness?

(Online June 7, 2007)

Chris Doran

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