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Child Abuse - s/t (0/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Chaoscore / Electro / Experimental
Label: Lovepump United Records
Playing time: 45:38
Band homepage: -


  1. Wrong Hole
  2. Poor Snoo
  3. I Hate Me
  4. Age Of Reason
  5. Supplicant
  6. Violent Utopia Pt. 1
  7. Penile Jihad
  8. Internal Projections
  9. Violent Utopia Pt. 2
Child Abuse - s/t
You know that sound, the tone noise your analogue internet connection used to make, if you like that transposed with some spazzy sounding glitch Electronica and distorted bass lines, CHILD ABUSE will be right up your street.
Like a skipping CD playing on a ghetto blaster falling down the stairs, CHILD ABUSE is the newest addition into spazzy Chaoscore. Utilizing a vocalist who sounds like a Western version of UNHOLY GRAVE’s Takaho Komatsu complete with yelps and high pitched screams (all of which sound like they were recorded in a toilet), a distorted bass, drumming fills and a keyboard-cum-carnival-pipe-organ. CHILD ABUSE set about creating technical metal in the vain of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, HELLA and PSYOPUS but borrowing the aesthetics of Free Jazz and layered with the most irritating electrical distortions ala DATACLAST.
Now I consider myself an eclectic Metalhead with a CD collection which includes everything from XASTHUR to THROWDOWN but I have to say I absolutely hate this. There is no semblance of songwriting or structuring within this music, it just sounds like a bunch of kids who are playing their instruments for the first time, jamming along to ultra limited Electronica. Where bands like HELLA and DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN survive by infusing their millions of ideas with hooks, oddly juxtaposing yet cohesive songwriting or technically delicate riffing, “Child Abuse” is minus anything like this, just nine tracks thrown together like a jigsaw on the floor.
The vocals are jarring, the bass does little to hold the “music" together, the drumming fills are dull and the glitch Electronica is beyond unbearable. The worst thing is bands live off reactions like this, it’s what makes them “edgy” to their audience, it’s like ION DISSONANCE all over again but with a band that don’t seem to be able to play. I have no doubt people will buy this, but in my opinion they’re idiots this isn’t music it’s noise poorly constructed into a messy pile of rubbish, where even the most abrasive Grind band shows some concept of song structuring CHILD ABUSE show none. This kind of pseudo intellectual pap is what gives the rest of technical Metal and Noise bands a bad name, in fact this doesn’t even sound like Metal with it’s piss poor production, this is by far the worst thing I have had to listen to probably bar none, even Pop can be catchy, this is just soulless nonsense. Avoid.  

(Online June 7, 2007)

Richard Williams

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