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Keen Of The Crow - Hyborea (8/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Grau
Playing time: 56:12
Band homepage: Keen Of The Crow


  1. Prologues
  2. Where Dead Kings Lie
  3. Hyborea
  4. Left For The Wolves
  5. The Eye Of The Serpent
  6. To Reach Emptiness
  7. Burning Away...
  8. Valeria
  9. Seeking Fury, Becoming Wrath
  10. Stygian Black Lotus
  11. Epilogue
Keen Of The Crow - Hyborea

MORGION are dead, long live KEEN OF THE CROW! Thatís what one should say, as this band is the successor of the deceased MORGION. That band was/is a true cult act among Doom/Death fans, and KEEN OF THE CROW arenít second to them by any means.

We still get sorrowful, mighty Doom Death, but it has some additional facets. The Californians manage to combine the greats of old, such as CELTIC FROST, with post-modern stuff a la NEUROSIS or ISIS. Itís hard to describe, for this is moving and complex music. Who remembers the legendary MINDROT? They always come to my mind when I hear this really impressive concept story about Conan the Cimmerian. The band creates such a scary, breathtaking atmosphere that your average Metal head will crap his pants in fear and awe. I managed to keep those cheeks squeezed tightly and I myself am surprised that I enjoy this devilish album so much.

I actually used to hate Doom with grunts. However, stuff like SWALLOW THE SUN; MINDROT or KEEN OF THE CROW just blow me away! Unfortunately, the two guitarists Seth Arthur and Ron Slater quit a few days after the release of ĄHyborea.ď Weíll see if the band stays active. It would be a shame if they didnít.

(Online April 23, 2007)

Ralf Henn

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