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Snook - Blessed With Rock 'N' Roll (6/10) - Switzerland - 2007

Genre: Rock'n'Roll
Label: Quam Libet Records
Playing time: 41:00
Band homepage: Snook


  1. Action Fulled
  2. Standard
  3. Rock-O-Mobile
  4. Heavy Metal Pussy
  5. Bird Of Pain
  6. Whore Of Yourself
  7. The Man
  8. Supersonic
  9. One Night Stand
  10. Apocalypse
  11. Payback Blues
  12. Rock City
Snook - Blessed With Rock 'N' Roll

A mix between Punk, Rock’n’Roll and subtle Rockabilly sounds is what Switzerland’s SNOOK deliver. The vocals are appropriately dirty and there’s nothing to complain about as far as craftsmanship is concerned. The concerted choruses are all suitable to sing along to and the band doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously. Neither do you have to take the music seriously, while the riffs are played in a speedy fashion, they are not recognizable at all. There’s a lot of potential for a party, though. Those who favor Metal should not nother spending money on this. If you are looking for music for the next booze orgy or biker party, you should get this.

(Online July 29, 2008)

Ralf Henn

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