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Grontved, Steen - Night Vision Goggles (1/10) - Denmark - 2007

Genre: Guitar Rock / Jazz Rock / Fusion
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 38:54
Band homepage: -


  1. Timber
  2. The Worm
  3. Playground
  4. Home Planet
  5. Run
  6. Bye
  7. Secret Lab
  8. My Butterfly
  9. Still Here
  10. Round And Around
  11. What Mango?
  12. Find The Pick
Grontved, Steen - Night Vision Goggles
Wow, hot off the heals of CHILD ABUSE comes Steen Grøntved in the bad steaks. Clearly Lion Music knows little to nothing about the general readership of "The Metal Observer", otherwise this wouldn’t have found its way into my hands. So any Metalheads out there with a penchant for Muzak cleverly permeated by annoying time signatures, Cubase keyboards that make me think a 70’s game show is about to start and a guitarist that demonstrates as much musical talent as Carlos Santana did at age four.
Used guitar solos? Steen Grøntved is positively bristling with them, primarily a session guitarist in Denmark, a country hardly famed for its contribution to Metal or Rock. Mr. Grontved has produced an album so banal it’s painful. Basically a guitar fronted Jazz Rock Fusion album, the Jazz and Rock are kept to a minimum so that the disinteresting guitar licks can duel with the oh-so-cheesy programmed keyboards.
Sure the flying classical rock guitar can sound cool but it just feels like every track is a different variety of introduction for the next act at the old people’s music hall. There are the odd moody moments and the acoustic tracks possess a little personal feeling but after each one comes more keyboards that just cheapen the overall record, detracting from the guest musicians who try their best to add a little depth.
I feel bad for slating this guy, I imagine it is quite a depressing way to live out your dreams as a session musician, like an extra who wants to be the star, however there are reasons why the extras aren’t the stars and there’s a reason why I dislike this album. I’d at least like to say that people who like classical guitar driven Rock may like this but I know enough about Classical Rock to say that even Classic Rock fans will see this as the shallow, seemingly budget article it is and nothing more. I’d suggest if he tries another release find a keyboardist who’s a human or drop the keys for something more orchestral, anything but release another cover album for family orientated game shows.
Don’t forget the cuddly teddy bear!

(Online June 10, 2007)

Richard Williams

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