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Lord Belial - Revelation-The Seventh Seal (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Regain Records
Playing time: 42:44
Band homepage: Lord Belial


  1. 7th Seal
  2. Ancient Splendor
  3. Aghast
  4. Death As Solution
  5. Unspoken Veneration
  6. Death Cult Era
  7. Vile Intervention
  8. Gateway To Oblivion
  9. Unholy War
  10. Black Wings Of Death
  11. Grievance
Lord Belial - Revelation-The Seventh Seal

LORD BELIAL have never really strayed from their path of music, which is DISSECTION-esque mid paced Black Metal with (of course) Swedish Death Metal styling. I’ve only heard a few of LORD BELIAL’s albums but each one I’ve heard, “Angelgrinder” and “Nocturnal Beast”, has been completely sound and decent records.  If I were a betting man and knew nothing of the newest offering, “Revelation – The Seventh Seal” I would put money down that the sound would remain the same, and it has.


Now is this lack of “progress” a bad thing? Nah, I’d rather have a band stick to its guns that try to attempt something they clearly aren’t good at. Old fans will cling onto this as “Revelation…” is a very solid album; while new fans will most likely be interested by the good songwriting and melodies that appear throughout the album. The songs here are (as mentioned) mid-paced to a little quicker paced Black Metal with a good deal of Swedish Death Metal influences a la DISSECTION which is fairly obvious with the first cut “Ancient Splendor” (“7th Seal” is merely an introduction).


While the whole album is very solid and (somewhat predictable); enveloped in this very Swedish affair are some excellent riffs that just tear through tour skull: this brilliant songwriting is found in the unholy trinity of “Unspoken Veneration”, “Death Cult Era” and “Vile Intervention”. The (ridiculously badass) former which has amazing tremolo riffs that brings an epic feel along with a good headbanging aspect. The middle track is a slower more Rocked Out song with some crazy soloing and a menacing tremolo riff and a great chorus that just digs into your brain. The latter is unbelievably awesome, the lyrics are ridiculous as the vocalist spits forth his utmost devotion.


Fucking A’ those three songs alone are worth buying this album.


But the rest of the album is solid, very solid with some great songs and riffs. While not all of them shine, “Revelation – The Seventh Seal” is put together with great care and it shows that LORD BELIAL knows what they’re doing (well, after a decade they should) and aren’t afraid to stick it out and just make good music. Recommended for all Black Metal fans, some good stuff here.

(Online June 10, 2007)

Sam Becherer

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