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Kult - Winds Of War (7,5/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti
Playing time: 37:44
Band homepage: Kult


  1. Alpha
  2. Winds Of War >mp3
  3. Il Crepuscolo
  4. Torture
  5. Seven Blades (Of The Reaper)
  6. Enstragement
  7. And Forever Winter
  8. Final Embrace >mp3
  9. Darkness Return
  10. Omega
Kult - Winds Of War

Debemur Morti Productions seem to be one of the few labels flying the flag of quality, traditional Black Metal. Indeed, whilst most labels are saturated with mediocre paeans to the genre’s glorious past, it is refreshing to see that some still produce quality (HORNA, NASTROND, MYRKR), even in the demos it chooses to unleash (SLIDHR, REBIRTH OF NEFAST).

With this in mind it should come at no surprise that KULT’s "Winds Of War" espouses true Black Metal, with genuine mysticism and effective groove. Much of this strays into territories similar to GORGOROTH’s early offerings, with similar use of old, medieval melody and an abundance of their inherent catchy appeal. 

Perhaps not as overtly dark and convincing of many of the genre’s defining releases, KULT still produce music of quality that sounds both genuine and well crafted. Following in the footsteps of CARPATHIAN FOREST and the early GORGOROTH albums, this is a release that should appeal to those disappointed with the direction the later have subsequently taken. Chock-full of dynamism, the enthusiasm displayed neatly covers up any shortcomings, with the 100% unoriginality unable to induce any scepticism in the face of such a scathing and passionate delivery.

Few bands today can escape the snare of hero-worship and naivety, but despite looking like and embodying all of the Black Metal clichés (like their very name), KULT deliver a powerful and hard album that will eradicate any scorn and convince the world of their authenticity.

(Online June 11, 2007)

Niall Kennedy

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