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Control Human Delete - Terminal World Perspective (6/10) - Netherlands - 2007

Genre: Industrial Black Metal
Label: Code666
Playing time: 71:18
Band homepage: Control Human Delete


  1. Eclipse
  2. Protocol Of Systematic Belief
  3. Creation Equivalence Principle
  4. Spectrum Of Divine Nature
  5. Transpherium
  6. Operation: Genesis Reprise
  7. Sin Tide Manufacturing
  8. Global Storm Element
  9. Absolution
Control Human Delete - Terminal World Perspective

While Industrial Black Metal begs for innovation, CONTROL HUMAN DELETE does little to silence the cries. Catchy riffs and programmed drumming streamline the 2007 release “Terminal World Perspective,” but the band seldom strays from pathways already paved by giants FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and MARDUK. In fact, everything on this release resembles little more than a hybrid of the two.


The drums on “Terminal World Perspective” show Pulse and Spectre’s collective mastery of computer applications, but the songs do not convey any fluency or understanding of how an actual drummer might perform. The release showcases a series of self-produced extracts that hint at the artists learning the songs in conjunction with the technology, giving the release an unpolished feel despite the technical proficiency of Eon’s guitar work. A few layered keyboard effects add value through the discordant and muted undertones found on “Protocol Of Systematic Relief” and “Spectrum Of Divine Nature,” but the majority of the release fails to impress.


Lyrically CONTROL HUMAN DELETE seem obsessed with man’s destructive nature. Void often sings from the perspective of an external observer, such as an alien obsessed with humanity’s religions and imperfections, but the production of “Terminal World Perspective” will prevent the impatient majority from striving to grasp the concept of the release.


As with many Industrial releases “Terminal World Perspective” succeeds when dark and simple. Complex passages require the listener to distinguish the better elements from the crap, and the steady hum that accompanies and accentuates the computer-driven double bass work provides a huge audible deterrent to fans of Death and Black Metal drumming.


To summarize, the efforts of CONTROL HUMAN DELETE pale in comparison to the well-planned and often over-structured songs of other Industrial Metal acts, but the band’s Black elements come close to saving a few tracks along the way. “Transpherium” and “Absolution” offer a few solid instrumental moments, “Terminal World Perspective” will not impress the masses awaiting the next phase of evolution in the realm of Industrial Black Metal.

(Online June 21, 2007)

Dustin Hathaway

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