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Deadlock - Wolves (6,5/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 46:53
Band homepage: Deadlock


  1. World Domination
  2. We Shall All Bleed
  3. Code Of Honor >mp3
  4. Losers' Ballet
  5. Dark Cell
  6. Crown Of Creation
  7. End Begins
  8. As Words To Bullets
  9. Praeludium II
  10. Bloodpact
  11. To Where The Skies Are Blue
Deadlock - Wolves

My first question is – am I as carnivore allowed to like the CD of a Vegan band? Or is it the other way around? Anyways, German DEADLOCK are back for a new strike and after having heard very good reviews for their previous effort I was curious as to what the sextet was about. Some said Death Metal, some said Metalcore, but all said with a quite big portion of clear female vocals, some liked them, some severely disliked them, so let’s see what “Wolves” actually does sound like.


And DEADLOCK indeed play with the extremes, quite brutal, yet still melodic Death Metal attacks mingle with incredibly catchy choruses and passages, surely more modern than most other Melodic Death bands they neither drift off into the EVANESCENCE/LACUNA COIL kind of sound, but they found a spot somewhere in between, which will appeal to fans of both sides as much as it will appall the other, such is the fate of hybrid bands, I guess. After a pretty useless intro “We All Shall Bleed” is kicked off with a gruff “Come on, motherfucker”, before a quite hefty attack is let loose, which then gives way to an ultra catchy chorus completely sung by Sabine Weniger, great dynamics, good drive, this seems to be an enjoyable ride!


“Code Of Honor” continues this with a lot of power, while “Losers’ Ballet” starts with piano and also contains a soundtrack-like interlude, but in between also falls into a comparable category of modern Melodic Death Metal. So far, so good, but unfortunately the formula tends to grow a little old after a bit, despite some tempo changes, the only two things standing out are the pure Techno/Dancefloor part of “End Begins”, which is way too long and truly annoying and the very good pure piano ballad “To Where The Skies Are Blue”, where Sabine shows off her talent.


Overall you will get a lot of power and a technically interesting mix of the extremes, yet overall I found myself losing attention around mid-way and that is a problem in the release flood these days…

(Online April 28, 2007)

Alexander Melzer

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