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Extol - Burial (9/10) - Norway - 1998

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Solid State Records
Playing time: 62:08
Band homepage: Extol


  1. Into Another Dimension
  2. Celestial Completion
  3. Burial
  4. Renhetens Elv
  5. Superior
  6. Reflections Of A Broken Soul
  7. Justified
  8. Embraced
  9. Innbydelse
  10. Tears Of Bitterness
  11. Work Of Art
  12. Jesus Kom Til Jorden For D
Extol - Burial
Many of you will be familiar with EXTOL and their "Undeceived" album. Its predecessor "Burial" came and went comparatively unnoticed. Was this due to the music being less brilliant than on "Undeceived"? Or a lack of interest in Christian Metal?

The first cannot be true because there are great similarities between "Burial" and "Undeceived" and although I prefer the later the difference is very slim. "Burial" stands as being one of the best Christian Metal albums of all time and even challenges the greats of melodic and progressive Death Metal. Yes this rivals the IN FLAMES' and the DARK TRANQUILLITY's of the world and surpasses them in originality - if not in content, though it's debatable - adding more than these bands can come up with.

Black Metal riffing is very apparent alongside the Melodic Death riffs. And the vocals strangely remind me of Ireland's very own PRIMORDIAL - yes this is a good thing! - in their sound (even if they aren't delivered with quite the same passion). "Jesus Kom Til Jorden For D" utilises clean vocals and they fit perfectly. This is one of the stand out tracks on the album being a sort of dive - and a successful one at that - into DOOM METAL territory with its crawling tempo and ringing spacy guitars.

The production isn't great but its adequate giving all instruments their fair levels, so if the Christian lyrics don't put you off then I'd recommend this to fans of Melodic Metal.

This is a true joy to behold and to listen to. (Online September 28, 2002)

Niall Kennedy

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