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Secrets Of The Moon - Antithesis (5/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Lupus Lounge
Playing time: 58:38
Band homepage: Secrets Of The Moon


  1. Nowhere 11.18
  2. Versus
  3. Ordinance
  4. Confessions
  5. Metamorphoses
  6. Ghost
  7. Seraphim Is Dead
  8. Lucifer Speaks
  9. Exit
Secrets Of The Moon - Antithesis
Minor leaguers SECRETS OF THE MOON can count themselves lucky that “Antithesis” is providing a welcomed break from “-core” reviewing duties in a period where I am revisiting my Black Metal roots. Together since 1995, the perennial support act from Osnabrück is showing a great deal of progression in their third studio album three years down the line from the warmly received “Carved In Stigmata Wounds.”
Combining old school Black Metal with depressive riffing and slower almost progressive passages “Antithesis” is a comfortable blend of an album that never quite delivers. The duel guitars utilize a sound akin to many contemporary Black Metal acts, shrill and icy, layered against a more aggressive tone whilst the vocals adopt a traditional raspy growl. The bass works in buzzing tandem with the riff heavy song structuring and the drumming completes the ensemble with a clear simple focus that is both aggressive and minimalist.
Heavy budget in tow, SECRETS OF THE MOON adopted for a clean production that allows an unusual level of clarity for a Black Metal album whilst the faster sections blur into a more expected frenzy. “Antithesis” highlights a band undergoing a change in direction demonstrated by tracks built around often mid to slower passed riffing only occasionally adorned with vocals or blasts. At its best the simple riffing and minimalist rhythm section interplay create intriguingly base yet atmospheric runs that are given a more contemporary feel by the choice of riffs and guitar tones.
Unfortunately, for an album primarily riff driven, there are far too few hooks to drive the music along. Whilst the variation between blasting, anguished progressive sections and folky maudlin intro’s keep the tracks fresh, it feels like there is too little to get your teeth into. Despite killer riffs in almost all the tracks particularly “Ordinance” and “Ghost” the rest of the music seems to have had far less thought put into it and doesn’t support the guitar work as strongly as it could. The slower passages, whilst atmospheric, are sometimes overly minimalist.
SECRETS OF THE MOON are a band gathering a descent following and on the first spin “Antithesis” seemed a basic yet satisfying listen, however multiple plays underline a band who are beginning to write and structure far more interesting songs but are not following through with particularly captivating musicianship. Maybe it’s just me, this is one of those albums I feel I should like and yet something is not clicking. Far too average. 

(Online July 8, 2007)

Richard Williams

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