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Runemagick - Requiem Of The Apocalypse (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Aftermath Music
Playing time: 62:24
Band homepage: Runemagick


  1. Preludium (Intro)
  2. Temple Of Skin
  3. Beyond Life
  4. On Chariots To Hades
  5. Dawn Of The Lava Aeon
  6. One Road To Megiddo
  7. Bells Of Death
  8. Funeral Caravan
  9. Fields Of No Life
  10. Memorandum Melancholia
  11. The Secret Alliance
  12. Requiem Of The Apocalypse
  13. Landscape Of Souls (Outro)
Runemagick - Requiem Of The Apocalypse
The Runemagic strike back the fourth time, this time around at the Aftermath Music label and with "Requiem Of The Apocalypse", they haven't changed a lot in their musically direction around bandaholic Nicklas Rudolfsson (DEATHWITCH, SACRAMENTUM, SWORDMASTER): dark Death Metal.

Still, RUNEMAGICK don't correlate their power and heaviness from pure speed like so many bands of this genre, no they correlate this from viscously lava-like compositions, which are improved with some faster passages. Rudolfsson superimposes this with his deep and also monotonous voice, however, his voice is a good opposite part to the mainly melodic songs.

It is good, that there are still bands, which are not trying to break some speed records or not to imitate successful bands; "Requiem Of The Apocalypse" is better than the previous "Ressurection In Blood", and although you don't get really new things, this is a steady output at all events. (Online September 30, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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