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Sabaton - Fist For Fight (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 41:38
Band homepage: Sabaton


  1. Introduction
  2. Hellrider
  3. Endless Nights
  4. Metalizer
  5. Burn Your Crosses
  6. The Hammer Has Fallen
  7. Hail To The King
  8. Shadows
  9. Thunderstorm
  10. Masters Of The World
  11. Guten Nacht (Bonus)
Sabaton - Fist For Fight
Oh yes, Alex didn't exaggerate too much, really. The demo-CD of the Swedish SABATON got it. Especially the rough vocals exalts the band and orientates on Kerrmit (TYRANT) or Thorsten Kohlrusch (DARK AT DAWN), musically there is the absolute Metal power, ornamentless and with a massive pleasure to play.

They are no friends of some foolery and technical cleverness, they are concentrating on the important things and they let out a really superb work. They caught up the flair of the 80s and they offer a lot of clichés. With "Shadows", the "Lord Of The Rings" fans get a story from Mordor, because of this, it is the most gloomy song of the record. The fast opener "Hellrider" grabs you directly at your balls, a great chorus, you can sing with, simply cool!!! "Endless Nights" is a driving hymn, which is simply a classic and you should absolutely hear that. "Metalizer" is cliché stuff in purity and has to please every MAJESTY/SACRED STEEL fan! So it is going around for the whole playing time, sometimes ballad-like sometimes epic and sometimes it sounds super melodic with keyboards.

They really got it, and for me, they are taking part in a really great rising of a new Power Metal generation beyond the so called "True-lala" groups. This demo-CD will be released officially by Underground Symphony, so I wanted to take the chance to remember every traditional Metal fan to get this record. Although the record was self produced, it is really punishing. You can order a copy as great DigiPak with a highly gifted Ken Kelly-Artwork at Hellion Records for 15,50 Euro. (Online September 6, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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