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Chthonian - Of Beatings And The Silence In Between (7/10) - Finland - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Woodcut
Playing time: 27:16
Band homepage: Chthonian


  1. Ill
  2. Thirteen
  3. Sanguine Sadism
  4. Larvae Nymph Decay
  5. Weep Human, Weep
  6. That'll Teach You!
  7. Syringes And Chemicals
  8. Of Beatings And The Silence In Between
Chthonian - Of Beatings And The Silence In Between

Fans of quick-hit ass-kickings may find “Of Beatings And The Silence In Between” quite delectable. With the exception of an opening track that brings nothing new to the table CHTHONIAN accomplish quite a bit in 27 minutes. Speedy guitar riffs surface throughout the release and as any fan of Finnish Death Metal would expect a steady layer of double bass drum work provides each track’s foundation.


Mathias Lillmåns sounds like any of the lower-end Californian Metalcore vocalists dominating the scene these days. With one glance at the song titles (or CD title) the lyrical content becomes quite evident as Mathias sings of pain and infliction. His bass lines hide under Jonas Frilund’s guitar work and Markus Rosenberg’s thunderous drums except in slower passages where the dropped tunings ring out and ultimately prevail. Still, at best the bass lines follow the guitar and seldom stray from pathways already carved by Jonas, who provides CHTHONIAN’s main attraction.


Jonas’ high-velocity riffs provide each song’s hook and each progression truly changes the feel of each chorus or pattern. “Of Beatings And The Silence In Between” ends with a fury of riffs that demonstrate Jonas’ ability to synchronize inappropriate chord choices and make them appropriate. The title track provides plenty of cause for praise in terms of speed and ingenuity, and in time we will hear more seasoned work from CHTHONIAN (and Jonas in particular).

(Online July 18, 2007)

Dustin Hathaway

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