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Steel Prophet - Unseen (5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 51:16
Band homepage: Steel Prophet


  1. Truth
  2. Rainwalker
  3. One Way Out
  4. Shattered Apart
  5. Among The Damned
  6. Bolero
  7. Mirror, Mirror, Life After Life
  8. Magenta
  9. Blackest Of Hearts
  10. Martyed
  11. Killer's Confession
  12. Magenta (reprise)
Steel Prophet - Unseen
Just after one year, these boys whip out another CD that basically leave much to be desired. The band continues to combine True Metal with the latest in technology and sound, but this is growing a little thin here. The opening track "Truth" is a typical Power Metal opener with double bass kicking action and melodic rhythm guitars that are catchy. The problem is that they have done nothing innovative here except add this weird electronic keyboard sound that lasts for a few seconds, but after that, it remains bland for the most part.

"Rainwalker" is slightly more daring by adding the 70's influenced mini moog sound during the solo of their song, but once again, the overall package is dry and it's nothing that we haven't heard before. "Killer's Confession" sounds like a song that should be fast and furious. Instead, you get a slow ballad with acoustic guitars that is rather boring and goes on just way too long for 6 minutes. The guys seem to be running out of ideas here. Rather than pump out something every year, take a little time off and try to come up with new ideas and different dynamics here.

"Book Of The Dead" was a real joy to listen to, but this time around, I felt really lethargic after listening to this for almost an hour. True Metal fans who like their Metal plain and simple and straight to the point should like this one. (Online September 8, 2002)

Joe Florez

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