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22 tablatures for Meshuggah

Meshuggah - Nothing (7/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 53:20
Band homepage: Meshuggah


  1. Stengah
  2. Rational Gaze
  3. Perpetual Black Second
  4. Closed Eye Visuals
  5. Glints Collide
  6. Organic Shadows
  7. Straws Pulled At Random
  8. Spasm
  9. Nebulous
  10. Obsidian
Meshuggah - Nothing
The kings of math Metal strike back hard with a vengeance on their long awaited CD that everyone has been clamouring for over 3 years now. This time around the band has opted for a more straight forward and grounded approach to their music writing as opposed to the cacophony that was "Chaosphere" and the now legendary: "Destroy, Erase, Improve".

The sound has more of a Hardcore tinge infused with their deadly chugging riffs that are supplied by the guitar gods: Martin and Fredrik. The guitar nuts are not flailing all over the place like on their previous CDs. They keep it right to the point for the most part which is noticeable on "Stengah". Everything remains intact here.

Tomas' ambidextrous and off the wall timing is still a trade mark as well and the thick bass that runs throughout the disc. Since there is no bass player on this release, Martin and Fred share the duties. Jens' vokills are just as intense as ever. You can just picture seeing the veins form on his forehead protrude with each track.

Another thing that the guys have done was pretty much cut their song times in half. Most are now in the four or five minute range which is actually nice. They just get to the point quicker and don't drag it on for too long where the fans would get bored. The one thing that I could never get bored with is Martin and Fredrik's dizzying solos that are just as brilliant as they are insane. I may not know my guitars all that well, but the fun kicks in within Martin and Fred's solos on "Glints Collide". This is where you will hear their eight string guitars being played to their full capacity. Let me just tell you, they are sick and genius. It's very creative and they are on the cutting edge in terms of sound. Let's just see how long it will be before LIMP BIZKIT and KORN learn about this and use it and they become revered as gods for their sound without crediting MESHUGGAH.

There is no doubt that I got Nothing! Now, did I like it? hmmmmm! It's a different approach for the band, but it still works. I just sort of miss the chaotic guitar solos and Tomas' off the wall drumming. (Online September 8, 2002)

Joe Florez

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