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Freedom Call - Eternity (7/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: SPV
Playing time: 48:01
Band homepage: Freedom Call


  1. Metal Invasion
  2. Flying High
  3. Ages Of Power
  4. The Spell
  5. Bleeding Heart
  6. Warriors
  7. The Eyes Of The World
  8. Flame In The Night
  9. Land Of Light
  10. Island Of Dreams
  11. Turn Back Time
Freedom Call - Eternity
Power Metal reigns supreme in the land that has perfected it: Germany. The four piece band offer their latest effort and all I can say is if you like your metal loaded with anthems such as "Metal Invasion", have your music sound like an epic and use horns to round out your melodic Power Metal sound, then you have found the right CD.

I am not an avid fan of high vocals as in the case of Chris. However, he delivers the sound perfectly for this type of band. "Metal Invasion" is very anthemic in terms of its sound using horns and Dan's drumming which is just blazing from top to bottom. The band has even hired the talents of EDGUY's Tobias Sammet and AT VANCE's Oli Hartmann to sing background. Their compositions are tight and at times complex, yet rich in texture which is noticeable on Cede and Chris' playing.

"Ages Of Power" is a really strong song here showcasing some truly amazing musicianship and great song structuring. One problem here is that the use of the horns are used just a little too much which wears out the novelty after a while. "Bleeding Heart" finally stops the full on assault of Power Metal and slows it down with a ballad which is rather unique with it's diverse sound and use of keys. Not a typical ballad here that is loaded with sap. Very creative. The use of acoustic guitars during "Bleeding Heart" also make the song sound more dynamic and enthralling.

A good product overall. Just loose the excessive horns and the band will be even better. (Online September 11, 2002)

Joe Florez

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