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Shargath - Bowels Sounds Of A Deaf Man (3/10) - Belgium - 2007

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 31:18
Band homepage: Shargath


  1. Cheese Us >mp3
  2. Sky  Spies Are Watching Us From Space >mp3
  3. Hairdressing Room >mp3
  4. I Crashed My Evil Puppet >mp3
  5. Nice Job For Miss Kutie >mp3
  6. How To Make Your Friends Happy (No Fun) >mp3
  7. Gun - Blood - Romance >mp3
  8. Skull Of The Festish Slave >mp3
  9. Dying At A Trendy Party >mp3


Shargath - Bowels Sounds Of A Deaf Man

“The song titles are funny. The music? *snore*”


You know, I would have submitted the above two sentences as my review and simply given it a 2/10 (simply for the mildly humorous song titles), but I’m sure I would have received an e-mail from the TMO head office which can be summed up as “Write more, you lazy bum!!” Can’t say I’d blame them.


Anyway, SHARGATH are from Belgium, and play a mix of Metalcore & Nu-Metal, which would make every single Metal purist reading this judge them to be amongst the worst of the worst, without hearing a single note. Opener “Cheese Us” doesn’t start things on a good note with me. The opening riff sounds like one of those mindless PANTERA-derived riffs backed up by mediocre (at best) blasting, then it goes to a predictable stop-start riff for the verse. Halfway through the song, a cool riff pops up, but it’s not nearly enough to salvage the song. They are boring and done before and predictable and etc etc etc.


That’s the pattern throughout most of the album. Each song is predictable and nauseating except for some cool section that pops up somewhere down the line, but given that said section is an between two boring parts, what’s its appeal?


I have to comment on “Nice Job For Miss Kittie”, though. It’s MILES above anything else on “Bowel Sounds Of A Deaf Man”. Starting off with a clean intro that sounds aggressive, it turns into a sludgy piece full of slow and plodding aggression, with some melodic content to the music. It’s the one song where the riffs are written intelligently, and it’s not just “Hey, let’s play a bunch of tough guy riffs mindlessly!!” that prevails the rest of the album.


The vocals are also GRATING. Somewhere between the Hardcore shout and the Death growl, it’s the worst of both worlds, coming off as mere posturing, and it’s irritating.


So, yea, the song titles are worth a few chuckles, “Nice Job For Miss Kutie” kicks ass, but the rest is blah.

(Online August 2, 2007)

Armen Janjanian

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