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Human Bloodfeast - She Cum's Gutted (6/10) - Germany - 2006/2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Twilight-Vertrieb
Playing time: 30:50
Band homepage: Human Bloodfeast


  1. Schziophrenic Butchering
  2. Full Complete Autopsy >mp3
  3. Body Dismorphic Disorder
  4. Perverse Lust
  5. Disembodied
  6. She Cum's Gutted >mp3
  7. Dead Body Sodomy
  8. My Flesh Consumed
  9. Bath Of Bugs
  10. Totally Deranged
Human Bloodfeast - She Cum's Gutted

Judging from this band’s name and cover-art, one could assume that there is as much brain put into the effort as there is to be found in a head shot to pieces by one or more panzer breaking bullets. It definitively appears to be one of those numbskull Gore Metal bands. “She Cum’s Gutted” easily defends being labelled as such, but by the sound of it they actually sat down and tried to make some interesting shit, and in addition they also know their instruments pretty well. Not to forget that there are none of those cursed pig squeals, croaks or whatever sorry excuses for vocals most of these bands sport.


Therefore I choose to label them Death Metal.


To find any obvious faults with “She Cum’s Gutted” is hard as long as you are a fan of this kind of Metal. Equally hard is it to order truckloads of kudos and zeppelins full of confetti in its name, at least if you are a vet like me. Or jaded, if you like.


They do deliver some serious riffage along with pummelling drums, but I can’t rid the feeling that I’ve heard it better before.


“She Cum’s Gutted” is light on the blasts but heavy on the double kicks. This band is way better than SIX FEET UNDER, but Chris Barnes and company is a hundred times more recognizable.


Much like ARSENIC.


With open eyes I recommend this album to any (young) listener after Death Metal with stomp, punch and overall knowhow. A shame there isn’t much to chew on. This is minced meat for sure.


I wouldn’t recommend the band taking up drugs to get some inspiration, but the next time around I’d like them to experiment a bit more. Not lady vocals and synths, just personality. Wouldn't hurt if they honed their English skills either, 'cause there is no doubt that some of the songtitles are very retarded.

(Online August 6, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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