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Doom's Revelation - Other Side (7,5/10) - Mexico - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 25:35
Band homepage: Doom's Revelation


  1. When The Darkness
  2. Depresy
  3. Other Side
  4. Pulverized
  5. The End
  6. Eternal Darkness
Doom's Revelation - Other Side

Does anyone like their Death Metal steak eye to be served with a nice melodic ranch sauce and a rather poorly produced platter of chips? DOOM’S REVELATION from Mexico have the perfect dish for you, entitled “Other Side”. The Mexicans have produced their first release which is sure to make any Death Metaller smile in joy. What makes this band interesting is the raspy vocal work by Oscar which is definitely a vocal style that is not all too common in the Death Metal scene. Almost sounding like Black Metal shrieks at times, Oscar’s vocals are the stand out feature of DOOM’S REVELATION.


Commencing with the excellent “When The Darkness”, this Mexican band demonstrate their ability as musicians. With realm defying vocals that are mainly shrieked, crunch guitar work that proves the presence of a melody in Death Metal and solid drum work, DOOM’S REVELATION’s promise is clearly heard. The MORBID ANGEL inspired guitar solo towards the end of the track puts a nice spin on already addictive song. The next track sounds exactly like it’s name suggests and is a slower, hypnotic piece with more classic Death Metal roots. “Depresy” is most likely there to prepare you for the title track which is not status quo. Oscar opens “Other Side” with a spoken passage that leads into a long growl. When the guitars kick in, some rather eye opening growls and screams are accompanied by some VAN HALEN-ish guitar work which blends nicely.


It will be interesting to hear what the Mexicans can do with a clearer production because at times, the vocals dominated the mix and the drums were almost inaudible. I did notice the inclusion of a keyboard in the chorus of “Pulverized” but have no clue if it was used during the entire track due the rather necro production, which should be only used in another genre. “Other Side” is a well done EP and I definitely look forward to the debut album by DOOM’S REVELATION.

(Online August 7, 2007)

Niall Hobson

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