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Myotonia - s/t (4,5/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Mathcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 28:21
Band homepage: Myotonia


  1. Total Protonic Reversal
  2. Got Cat
  3. Industrial Melanoma
  4. Alligator Fukhaus
  5. Art Of An Exit
  6. Tunnel Gag
  7. Media Vision
  8. Reverse Birth Tactics
Myotonia - s/t

Myotonia is a symptom of a small handful of certain neuromuscular disorders characterized by the slow relaxation of the muscles after voluntary contraction or electrical stimulation. Generally, repeated effort is needed to relax the muscles, and the condition improves after the muscles have warmed-up. However, prolonged, rigorous exercise may also trigger the condition. Individuals with the disorder may have trouble releasing their grip on objects or may have difficulty rising from a sitting position and a stiff, awkward gait.


A fitting name to pick for a tech-gurgle-Mathcore band isn’t it? I bet they thought they were pretty funny. Well I do think they’re pretty funny, because this music is a joke. I know, it takes insane amount of skill to play this type of music, but it’s just too bad this type of music is totally gay and not fun to listen to. Look, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN made the last good record of this genre with “Calculating Infinity”, and CEPHALIC CARNAGE is the only band to carry on the torch of “Everyone In This Band Has Six Arms Metal” and not sound really lame.




Now some of you may be saying that I’m being a bit too harsh because of my opinion, well I’m the reviewer now aren’t I? If I don’t like something I’m not gonna sugar coat it. I said the boys got talent did I not? So we’ll leave it at that.


Now the music itself is frantic fast paced and in the vein of BEHOLD…THE ARCTOPUS, DEP and CAR BOMB. This means, many breaks, crazy vocals and odd timed drumming. Songs like “Alligator Fukhaus” or “Art Of An Exit” are prime examples of the boring songwriting this style of music perpetuates. The vocals are really what pisses me off, I can’t stand the constant chaning vocals unless it’s done in a really classy way (or at least fluent). This whole “I’m gonna scream my lungs out while my band plays whatever” doesn’t cut it. There were a couple of Thrashy bits thrown here and there that didn’t make this listen a total failure. So there, that’s why the score isn’t lower, it’s those Manly Thrash bits thrown in.


One complex song can be impressive, but a whole slew just becomes boring as all get out. Maybe Lachlan will like this…but me, I’ll give my MORBOSIDAD or PRIMAL DAWN albums a thousand listens over this. I’m just not impressed anymore. It’s not that I dislike all Technical music, that’s hardly the case. I just like Manly technical music a la BEHEMOTH, NILE CRYPTOPSY or IREPRESS.  You all know my views…now be gone…! I’m off to listen to something Manly and substantial, not something technical and dry. Sorry boys, it's just not my thing...good try though.

(Online August 11, 2007)

Sam Becherer

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