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Killchain - One More Victim (4/10) - Slovakia - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Maintain Records
Playing time: 24:28
Band homepage: Killchain


  1. Those Marching To Peris
  2. Killing Of Recreation
  3. Enter The Rift Of Chaos
  4. Condemnation To Kill
  5. Destroy Everything
  6. Eat My Soul
  7. One More Victim
  8. Nobody Is Safe, Fury Strikes Blind >mp3
  9. My Hate
  10. And Thus It Ends
Killchain - One More Victim

We who listen to Metal, especially those of us who listen to the extreme end of the spectrum, tend to think of ourselves as true individuals, not following trends or other stupid ideas society throws at us. The truth is that much of what is labelled Metal is about as trend-ridden and out of own ideas as ordinary pop music. Sad but true.


KILLCHAIN hails from Slovakia but by the sound of they could very well be Americans – as in residents of the US. They play a form of Death Metal heard a thousand times before, many of them way better. This gang of Slovakians aren’t doing much wrong, but seldom do they present riffs making me want to work those neck muscles. In fact it never happens.


It wouldn’t be fair of me to bash KILLCHAIN for a whole review, and that is because they’ve only been around for 2 years, “One More Victim” being their first release whatsoever. They are, if not genuinely talented, accomplished musicians. They play like a unit, with none of the members sticking out like rotten teeth. If only they knew how to compose some good tunes. Wouldn’t hurt if they sprinkled their shit with some solos either. As of now, this band is utterly one-dimensional.  


Just like the band they stole their name from – BOLT THROWER – this outing doesn’t rely on blasts to make their Death Metal move. In fact they sound nothing like the just mentioned band, but still I’m damn sure they took their name from one of the songs found on “Those Once Loyal,” namely “The Killchain.” If only they had half the identity of that group. I’ve listened to “One More Victim” approximately 5 times now, and still there is not one single second I can recreated in my mind after the album has finished.


KILLCHAIN shouldn’t set fire to their instruments just yet, but if they have as little to show for the next time around, I’ll provide them with both gasoline and matches.

(Online August 11, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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