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Troll - The Last Predators (6/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Head Not Found
Playing time: 30:19
Band homepage: Troll


  1. Bastards Last Breath
  2. Fall Of The Marbeled Galaxy
  3. Seierens Stråler
  4. Mending The Instincts
  5. Colony X-11: Inflict Mythical Mayhem
  6. My Glance Into The Narrow Room
  7. Eyes As In I
  8. A.T. The Riddle
  9. The Last Predators
  10. Frelserens Visjoner
Troll - The Last Predators
TROLL never had been among the most catchy and accessible bands, but what they deliver with "The Last Predators", really is some weird stuff indeed.
While the foundation still is Black Metal in most of its facets, and attracts the attention more by variety than originality, the vocals of Master S.M. Twice (once apparently was not enough...) really steal the show.
Rarely I have heard so sick vocals, which underline the given description "Brutal Psycho Metal" (so the info-flyer) fir sure. Here alone the chaff will be sifted from the wheat...
Apart from that you can find something for everybody, from really brutal stuff ("Fall Of The Marbeled Galaxy"), mid-tempo ("A.T. The Riddle") and the almost HYPOCRISY-esque (in terms of riffing and atmosphere) "Eyes As In I", if you subtract the vocals, of course.
So better check out this CD before you buy it, because the vocals are really psycho!

Alexander Melzer

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