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Tonka - ...this present darkness... (7/10) - Norway - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Age Productions
Playing time: 38:52
Band homepage: Tonka


  1. Secondary World
  2. Pornochild
  3. The Last Abduction
  4. The Murder
  5. N.N.S.B.T.
  6. The Mother & The Beast
  7. Behemoth And Leviathan
  8. One
Tonka - ...this present darkness...
POWERCAGE is not the only band of drummer Yngve Jacobsen, because with TONKA he has got another one, which consecrates to Thrash Metal combined with traditionally Heavy Metal and some technically guitar riffs and leads.

In the guitars, you can recognize the influence of Chuck Schuldiner, while the vocals are very Thrash-unlike. The vocals are rough but they are understandable and endowed with some melodies and this is something you will find very seldom in this genre. The band tries to integrate some diversity in their songs, they don't want only simple thrashing, whereby there aren't much speed attacks, there are more midtempo and dragging songs, the band hasn't any fear to integrate some absolutely Thrash-unlike elements, take "N.N.S.B.T" (whatever that means) for example.

It is possible that you sit there a little estranged by the Thrash-unlike songstructures at the first time, but if you listen to it several times, the songs will get plausible and will show us that TONKA are hopeful newcomers, although the musicians are not the youngest ones ;) (Online September 18, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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