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Rebirth Of Nefast - Only Death (4/10) - Ireland - 2006/2007

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti
Playing time: 32:59
Band homepage: -


  1. Wrapped In The Earth
  2. Flaming The Inner Sanctum
  3. That Deathly Aura
Rebirth Of Nefast - Only Death

Note: I originally reviewed this demo (along with the ARS DIAVOLI and SLIDHR demos) as a split-release. It turned out, however, that the Debemur Morti label never intended for these releases to be reviewed as a single split-release, so after receiving a slap on my studded wrist I’m now reviewing these demos separately. This gave me a chance to revisit these demos – so let’s see whether my original verdict on the music still holds true…


I can’t really name that many Black Metal bands from Germany apart from the likes of MOONBLOOD, NAGELFAR and NARGAROTH. Well, here’s another band to add to that list: REBIRTH OF NEFAST, an obscure band led by two individuals going by the dodgy pseudonyms of Wann and Ř (how the fuck do you pronounce that?!) respectively. Seeing as how they label their music “eerie Black Metal” I was intrigued but not exactly psyched. It’s just as well because this demo turned out to be as exciting as watching grass grow, for the most part anyway… With only three songs but clocking in at almost 33 minutes this is undoubtedly an ambitious affair. It’s just a pity that Wann and co.’s ambition didn’t extent beyond lacing their music with copious amounts of nondescript riffs, droning g background noises and limp-wristed drum beats.


The very STRIBORG-ish titled “Wrapped In The Earth” kicks off the demo in the worst possible way with an extended droning/chanting intro that takes almost 4 minutes to play out before any vocals even show up, and when they do they are so buried in the background that the whole thing comes off as nothing more than repetitive, self-indulgent fuzz. Eerie Black Metal? More like bloody boring Black Metal methinks… Anyway, the demo gets progressively better once the opening abomination is out of the way, with both “Flaming The Inner Sanctum” and “That Deathly Aura” being solid if somewhat underwhelming slices of murky Black Metal that reminds me a bit of GORGOROTH’s “Incipit Satan” album (minus all the industrial effects). On these two tracks the riffs have a slightly bigger part to play and some double-bass even shows up. The closing track is perhaps the best on here, it’s catchy opening riffs segueing nicely into a heavier, more forceful mid-section before a stranger trippy ending rounds things off.


Had some of the more pointless intros and background chants being excised I’m sure this demo would’ve been a solid piece of, well, eerie Black Metal. There are some decent moments on here but they are drowned out by all the whiffle-ball moments. Next time make the songs shorter and place more emphasis on the RIFF, Wann and Ř.

(Online July 29, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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