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Widow - NightLife (6,5/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Playing time: 44:11
Band homepage: -


  1. First Born
  2. We Will Meet Again
  3. Beware The Night
  4. The Teacherís Pet
  5. Cult Of Life
  6. Iíll Make You A Star
  7. At The End
  8. Beauty Queen
  9. Night Life
  10. Ainít Talkiní ĎBout Love
  11. I Stole Your Love
Widow - NightLife

This album, the third from the American Metal band WIDOW, contains 11 tracks, all going for a rocking, party-all-the-way style. The concept is simple, but good, and even though it has been done many times before, it works. There are not that many bands left waving the banner of the old days, but this is one of those. Together with their classic Heavy Metal they also add some Power Metal influence and occasionally also some harsh vocals. Most of the time, the vocals are of the type used in most classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. The harsh vocals feel a little unnecessary when the rest of the music does not ask for any brutality at all. One thing that bothered me was that it sounds like one of the vocalists lisps. The lyrics are also close to Hard Rock and old Heavy Metal, without any deep themes, mostly girls, rock-n-roll and life. Speedy drumming and good basic guitar and bass work are also present on here, with a mix of distortion and cleaner sound on the guitars, and a couple of nice rock solos. The riffing is typical for Heavy Metal and the songs range from mid-tempo to fast. The song structure is simple with verses and choruses placed as most bands do it.  


What this album lacks is stand-out tracks. In my opinion, the quality is pretty even throughout. The influence from the old days is easy to see if you look at the covers at the end too; there is a song by KISS and one by VAN HALEN. They are made heavier and fit in without problems on the album.  

All in all, this album mixes melody, riffing and attitude in a successful package used many times before, but it still works well, so why repair something that isn't broken? The music doesnít give me any deep intellectual challenges, but it makes me bang my head and smile and that is what can be expected from this genre. It is a good release, but cannot receive a better judgement than that.

(Online August 31, 2007)

Adam Westlund

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