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Fucking Wrath, The - Season Of Evil (6/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Goodfellow Records
Playing time: 26:32
Band homepage: Fucking Wrath, The


  1. Ride The Lighter
  2. To The Eels
  3. Church Of The Apocalypse
  4. This Bear Blows Fire
  5. The Womb
  6. Past Your Grave
  7. The Defeater
  8. Hell Flies Tonight
  9. One Last Breath
  10. Gaze Of The Cyclops
  11. Old Man And The Sea
Fucking Wrath, The - Season Of Evil

THE FUCKING WRATH play an up-tempo blend of Doom Metal with obvious Thrash influences. Dropped-tuning provides clear homage to the classic Doom Metal pioneers, but the majority of the riffs found on “Season Of Evil” contain a great deal of speed accompanied by the stereotypical straight-forward beats that led the industry until the invention of the blast beat. Many tracks have a tendency to cross into Punk territory, but homage to the early Doom bands dominates songs like the release’s closer “Old Man And The Sea,” which sounds like a collection of riffs crafted in tribute to Tony Iommi.


Bassist and vocalist Nick Minasian never strays from shouting except when accompanied by 80’s style choral shouts from band mates Craig Kasamis and John Crerar. In truth, very little changes from beginning to end on “Season Of Evil.” The second track contains a brief change in tempo, but in general the songs begin as they end. “Church Of The Apocalypse” has a solid and driving feel, but the release as a whole lacks anything astounding (musically or conceptually) with the exception of “Past Your Grave” which brings together the culmination of influences and styles into a cohesive two-minute, forty-two second gem that outdoes everything else on the release in terms of presentation.


In addition to the comments above, a few tracks merit removal from the hard drive. A long and unnecessary introductory track titled “Ride The Lighter” provides little insight into the direction of the release or its prevalent themes and ultimately consumes nearly three minutes of this short and unevolved release. “The Defeater,” “Hell Flies Tonight,” and “One Last Breath” add little to the mix either and could use work before declaring them a final product. Otherwise, the release is what it is: a rough cut of Doom-influenced Thrash that doesn’t provide any “Wow”s but doesn’t quite merit coaster CD status either.

(Online September 4, 2007)

Dustin Hathaway

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