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Farmer Boys - The World Is Ours (7,5/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Modern Melodic Metal
Label: Motor Music
Playing time: 47:55
Band homepage: Farmer Boys


  1. Here Comes The Pain
  2. The Good Life
  3. End Of All Days
  4. We Sow The Storm
  5. If You Ever Leave Me Standing
  6. A New Breed Of Evil
  7. While God Was Sleeping
  8. Turn The World To Ice
  9. Like A Dart In Your Face
  10. Farm Two Thousand
  11. The World Is Ours
Farmer Boys - The World Is Ours
Look here, the boys from the farm still exist...
"The World Is Ours" now is the second album already and has just the sound you would expect from a commercially successful longplayer: heavy, modern guitars, but as balance to that (and many bands of this style) very melodious vocals, which differs from the often employed shouters.
Songs like "Here Comes The Pain", "The Good Life" or "End Of All Days" live off this opposition and thrive off it as well. Of course a good ballad may not be left out ("We Sow The Storm") and neither an ultra-catchy tune like "Farm Two Thousand".
I wouldn't wonder, if we could welcome the FARMER BOYS in the upper echelons of the charts soon, because they are modern enough, but at the same time are distant from any trend-surfing.

Alexander Melzer

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