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Winters - Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies (6,5/10) - Great Britain - 2007

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: Rise Above Records
Playing time: 41:34
Band homepage: Winters


  1. Oh No
  2. Endless Fight
  3. Life Was So Simple
  4. Mark My Word
  5. Two Wrongs Make a Right
  6. Destroyer
  7. No Will
  8. Did Me In
  9. Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies


Winters - Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies

What would happen if THE BEATLES, ALICE IN CHAINS, CROWBAR, and SMASHING PUMPKINS had a big ol’ musical baby? WINTERS. It’s as simple as that kids….really it is.


Totally wacked out Stoner Metal/Rock is the weather report for London since these guys moved in. Minimalism of THE BEATLES, the groovy Dark Stomp of ALICE IN CHAINS, the Heavy as all Hell guitar sound of CROWBAR and the strung out vocals of THE PUMPKINS all come together on “Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies”. This whole album is much like an experiment in music gone all not that wrong. While far from perfect or even awesomeness, WINTERS manages to create a pretty big Headspace and also use every riff for all its worth…let’s dive in…I’m sure the waters not that cold….


“Fried” starts this album out with a riff that basically encapsulates all that is Stoner Rock. It just hangs in the air, while the vocals float throughout the room like a cloud of smoke. It seems like it takes days but really the song is short….real short. Not that this is a bad thing, just odd. “Oh No” has a bit of a commercial feel to it, it definitely could have been played on the Radio during that blasted Alt Rock Phase here in the States. “Mark My Word” rocks pretty hard with a minimal as all hell riff, just creeping along like a snail doing whatever it does and causing way-out-there-man status to all people in the vicinity.


The musicians ain’t great but they can rock, and after all that’s all that’s important. The vocalist sounds perpetually whacked but hey, maybe I like that in my music, and the drummer is banging along to the beat of a way scuzzed out melody. But the sloppiness of the record works really well but overall how much you like this album will depend on how much you dug the Rock/Grunge/Doom fusion of the mid to late 90s rock scene. Meh we’ll see where this album ends up in three or four months.

(Online September 5, 2007)

Sam Becherer

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