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Detonation - Emission Phase (8/10) - Netherlands - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 49:22
Band homepage: Detonation


  1. Invoking The Impact
  2. When Stone Turns To Ash
  3. Craven Ablaze
  4. Chokedamp
  5. Defects Of The Isolated Mind
  6. Modulate
  7. Into The Emission Phase
  8. Infected
  9. 2nd Sun Ascending (Instrumental)
  10. Soul Severance
  11. Reborn From The Radiance
  12. Fallout (Instrumental)
Detonation - Emission Phase

The Dutchies from DETONATION are back with their third album and they continue their evolution away from their pure Death/Thrash days of their debut “An Epic Defiance”. There is not much Thrash left, instead the quartet technically plays a modern kind of Melodic Death Metal, but before you start yelling “sell-out”, bear with me and the band, because “Emission Phase” is far more than just a futile attempt to emulate a currently successful style in order to benefit commercially.


Now even though a certain neighbourhood to acts such as SOILWORK and consorts cannot be denied, DETONATION stand apart from the growing number of comparable acts simply by erecting quite a bit more complex compositions than the majority of colleagues, which makes them stand out and give them a definitive reason to be, so no selling out.


Additionally DETONATION also are very conscious of the need for variation in order to keep the listener at hand and we are treated to almost Doom-like passages as well as frenzied blastbeats and almost anything in between, putting demand in between brutality and still keeping things accessible enough not to overtax the casual listener, congratulations for that! That begins in the intense opener “Invoking The Impact”, where they fire off several blastbeat salvos, but also include some clear vocals as accentuation for Koen Romeijn’s roaring bellow. And while “When Stone Turns To Ash” offers us a more atmospheric shade of their sound, “Chokedamp” maybe combines all the virtues of the Dutchmen’s sound in one, with a great combination of great melodies, brutality and at times quite complex arrangements.


The already mentioned Doom influence comes to the fore in “Into The Emission Phase”, while “Reborn From The Radiance” has the maybe biggest surprise of the album in store, with great, intricate Spanish guitars at the beginning, how often have we heard that in this style, hm? All of this is further enhanced by the clear and powerful production that definitely has premier league level.


If you are not a complete negator of any modern infusions into the melodic side of Death Metal, then DETONATION’s third is a great addition to your collection, it is going to be interesting to see, where the path of the Utrecht band will lead it next.

(Online August 10, 2007)

Alexander Melzer

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