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Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead (5,5/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Heaven
Playing time: 56:30
Band homepage: Bloodbound


  1. Sign Of The Devil
  2. The Tempter
  3. Book Of The Dead
  4. Bless The Unholy
  5. Lord Of Battle
  6. Flames Of Purgatory
  7. Into Eternity
  8. Black Heart
  9. Black Shadows
  10. Turn To Stone
  11. Seven Angels
Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead

BLOODBOUND part two is called “Book Of The Dead” and follows in the footsteps of “Nosferatu” of 2006, still one of the biggest disappointments of the year in my ears, as it came with a lot of laurels including former TAD MOROSE singer Urban Breed, but in the end fizzled out as generic Power Metal that wanted to be so much more than it in the end was. A lot of change marked the year, with Breed leaving as well as rhythm guitarist Markus Albertson and bassist Jörgen Andersson, so did this also mark a change in the sound?


Yes and no. For one Michael Bormann’s vocals are nowhere near Urban Breed’s in my opinion. Oh, he has a very good voice, as proved in his former bands LETTER X, JADED HEART or THE SYGNET, but those were more in the Melodic Rock/Metal genre, which is quite a bit different than the Power Metal of BLOODBOUND, where he sings a good bit rougher, yet alas more often than not it sounds forced, detracting from the song’s quality itself. Which leads to the next thing and that is the songwriting quality. For themselves the songs might not be bad, but unfortunately they have to withstand the comparisons to others and also each other, which brings me to a rather peculiar parallel between the debut album and this sophomore effort…


On “Nosferatu” the songs “Behind The Moon” and “Nosferatu” shared the basically exactly same rhythm, while “Fallen From Grace” bore an uncanny resemblance to HELLOWEEN’s “Eagle Fly Free”. On “Book Of The Dead” we may compare the choruses of “Sign Of The Devil” and “Bless The Unholy” and voila, this sounds almost exactly the same! Only the second album and already running out of ideas? Not a good sign… Now not all is bad, there are parts and even songs that are good, “Sign Of The Devil”, “Flames Of Purgatory”, “Into Eternity” and “Seven Angels” (once more very strongly influenced by IRON MAIDEN) can be mentioned here, but is that enough among 11 songs overall?


I’m afraid that the answer is no, because this is Power Metal by numbers, even though the musicians are untouchable, but there is so much more and better Power Metal out there that I have to ask the question: Who needs BLOODBOUND? And you still go for the make-up thing and evil lyrics…?

(Online August 11, 2007)

Alexander Melzer

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