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Reverend Bizarre - III: So Long Suckers (10/10) - Finland - 2007

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 130:00
Band homepage: Reverend Bizarre


CD 1

  1. They Used Dark Forces/Teutonic Witch
  2. Sorrow
  3. Funeral Summer

CD 2

  1. One Last Time
  2. Kundalini Arisen
  3. Caesar Forever
  4. Anywhere Out Of This World
  5. "Mallorca"
Reverend Bizarre - III: So Long Suckers

What can I say that will make you go out and buy this as soon as humanly possible? “Why?” You may ask, and the answer, simply put, is that “So Long Suckers” really is that good. Now I’ll be honest, I’m still relatively new to the Doom Metal scene but if this isn’t exactly how Doom should sound then…well, I don’t really want to about it.


Production is almost flawless with crunchy guitars, bowel trembling bass work seriously hypnotic vocals and drums that are simple enough to not distract from the rest of the sound but complex enough to keep you interested.


The album begins with “They Used Dark Forces/Teutonic Witch” which after a slow ambient intro grows flawlessly into crisp, driving riffs and then back into a slow, melodic, almost trancelike drone. This basically sets the tone for the rest of the album, flawlessly combining rocking melodies with true Doom sounds.


There are some songs on this which, I believe, if you are a Doom fan you must hear before you die, most important of these being “Caesar Forever”. Words cannot describe how much I love this song, I’d imagine that this is basically what the gods of Metal had in mind when they came up with Doom Metal; it is atmospheric, dark, slow and powerful, just like Doom should be. And “Anywhere Out Of This World” which is without a doubt one of the most tragically beautiful pieces I have ever heard by any band, Albert Witchfinder’s vocals on this track are truly awe inspiring.


So…A fantastic final release for a group who have given so much to the world of Doom Metal and Metal in general. I think they should be glad they quit now because topping this release would be near impossible.


Goodbye you Doomsters may you live long and rest easy knowing you have released something truly memorable. My only regret is that I jumped on the fan train just as it reached the end of the line.


Now go…Buy it!

(Online September 11, 2007)

Ben Schuetz

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