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Sore - Gruesome Pillowbook Tales (6,5/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Death Metal / Goregrind
Label: Suffer Productions
Playing time: 29:58
Band homepage: Sore


  1. Unfasten The Pillowbook
  2. Remain Dead (In A Necrostatic Society)
  3. Feast Of Antimatter Zombies
  4. Monochrome Nothingness
  5. Boneyard (Impetigo Cover)
  6. Embryonic Limbs Combined With Ancient Ghouls
  7. Crags To The Infinite
  8. Unearthly Coffin Nail Experience
  9. Slaughtered Amish People
  10. Tales Of Signs Born By Blood, Black Fire And Death
  11. The Exorcist (Depression Cover)
  12. End Credits
Sore - Gruesome Pillowbook Tales

During my various sojourns across cyberspace to dig up information on the entity known simply as SORE, I uncovered not one, but four bands operating under the name. Two of these bands peddle Nu-Metal, you know, that unholy filth that makes your average Metal fan’s ears shrivel up in disgust, and the third is an Indonesian Jazz-pop outfit. Thankfully, the fourth band, and subject of this review is neither a Nu-Metal, nor Indonesian Jazz-pop group, but a four-man Goregrind unit whom play fast and gory Death Metal in the finest CARCASS tradition.


Germany is known for its quality Death Metal, especially on the more brutal end of the musical spectrum, and SORE is no exception. Playing a mix of speedy, Brutal Death Metal and gurgling, chunky Goregrind these guys wouldn’t recognise originality if it reared up and bit them in their collective arse. Still, there’s no denying these boys have talent, and debut album “Gruesome Pillowbook Tales” is a very enjoyable half hour of undemanding, gory fun.


After the obligatory intro the band tears straight into “Remain Dead (In A Necrostatic Society)”, just under two minutes of shredding riffs, and incessant blast beats that rumbles along like an angry B-52 Bomber. Unlike most bands in the genre SORE’s sound favours all out speed, which makes a refreshing change from the crushingly slow, bowel-loosening tempos of groups like COCK AND BALL TORTURE, and THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING. Imagine if you will, a less technical DEEDS OF FLESH, or even early ABORTED and you’ve got a good idea. If, like me, you’re a fan of the genre you’re simply going to lap this stuff up, but the crippling lack of innovation will soon bore those who demand more from their Death Metal than simple brutality.


Lack of originality aside there’s still plenty to enjoy about this release. Take for example, the insane pig-squeal that vocalist Goreminister employs from the third track onwards. This guy makes a noise like a piglet being sodomised by a hippo. It’s disturbing to say the least, and is sure to irritate just as many people as it’s going to entertain, but at least it gives the vocal assault some much-needed variety. The record is also quite short, clocking in at a trim 29 minutes, and none of the tracks outstay their welcome. Throw in a couple of fantastic covers, including a faithful rendition of Goregrind Godfathers IMPETIGO’s cult classic “Boneyard”, and you have a hugely enjoyable slice of no-nonsense, if derivative, Death Metal that’s sure to put a smile on any self-respecting gorehound’s face.

(Online September 13, 2007)

Stuart Bullen

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