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12 tablatures for Cock And Ball Torture

Cock And Ball Torture - Sadochismo (6/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Ablated
Playing time: 40:58
Band homepage: Cock And Ball Torture


  1. Where Girls Learn To Piss On Command
  2. Heterosexual Testosterone Compressor
  3. Enema Bulldozer
  4. Instant Onanizer
  5. Whoredom Sonata
  6. Aphrodisianus
  7. Colon Latino
  8. Kamikaze Incest
  9. Caudal Armada
  10. Mulptiple Slave Sex
  11. Klistier Power
  12. Faggot Filter
  13. Cellulite Convoy
  14. G-Spot Gigolo
  15. Supreme Genital Goddess
Cock And Ball Torture - Sadochismo
The question before listening to COCK AND BALL TORTURE is of course, how much joy can you get from having your balls tortured… or to what extent does "Sadochismo" give you this feeling.

I'm not really into such sadistic behaviour, but it's the music that I want to hear. As the artist name would suggest, this is Grindcore… well, maybe this should be called SM-core. On tracks like "Instant Onanizer" you actually hear a crying woman, people talking, and a lot of whips cracking. This is just a part of the sound (though almost 3 mins of more or less the same thing in a song starts to annoy after a while). The music itself is not so much brutal through speed, the rhythms are pretty grooving, mostly cause of the rather "simple" drums. The drums have the kind of Hoompa-beat, that some old-school Death Metal bands also have. I'm not really a fan of those, as they sound fairly happy to my ears. But there is some variety in drums, and there's frequent use of the double bass. The vocals kinda sound like the emptying of a drain, an overly used vocal modifier. It may sound deep and evil, but I'd rather just hear real grunts instead of voice-effects.

I don't really get the feeling that I'm being crushed by the sound of COCK AND BALL TORTURE, something I expected this band to do. I guess it's all good for a few spins, but the combination of hoompa-beats, and rather irritating vocals will not make this a CD to fall back to often. Maybe a must-have for the true Grinders, for the rest I dare to question the relevance of "Sadochismo" in their collection. (Online September 16, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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