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Kruger - Redemption Through Looseness (8/10) - Switzerland - 2007

Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Atmospheric Metal / Sludge Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 46:55
Band homepage: Kruger


  1. Ammunition Matters
  2. Queen Of The Meadow
  3. The Graveyard Party
  4. Hummers Vs Pedestrians
  5. Holy Fire
  6. Army Of Lovers
  7. War & Wine
  8. The Cowboy Song
  9. Crusaders
Kruger - Redemption Through Looseness

Hitting with the subtlety of a freight train, Switzerland’s KRUGER have unleashed an epic album that masterfully combines various genres such as Death, Doom, Post Hardcore and even Psychedelic Stoner Rock amongst others. The bands third release “Redemption Through Looseness” takes the listener on a swirling ride down musical paths previously traveled by artists as diverse as ENTOMBED, MASTODON, and ISIS while maintaining a cohesive style that skillfully avoids sounding pasted together.

No simple catchy melodies here, instead this is a primarily full-on wall of sound attack with dirty guitars that coil in a serpentine like fashion around the angry harsh vocals set amidst pummeling rhythms. At first impression, you might think this is just another Death Metal release, but gradually the more technical and experimental nuances begin to show through. Highlights include the sludgy opener “Ammunition Matters”, “Army Of Lovers” in which vocalist Reno surprisingly channels the vocal style of Ozzy Osbourne before resuming his own familiar tone, and “Holy Fire” which is an atmospheric Doom influenced and primarily instrumental track with brief interludes of vocals.

With only traces of their Post Hardcore pedigree showing, the oddly titled “Redemption Through Looseness” instead comes across as an homage to the sludgiest of Metal; rough, dirty and head banging at its best, yet all delivered with a degree of artful technicality.

(Online September 18, 2007)

Morris Batallas

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