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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - SLOUGH FEG - Hardworlder

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Slough Feg - Hardworlder (8/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Folk Metal / Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Playing time: 43:29
Band homepage: Slough Feg


  1. The Return Of Dr. Universe
  2. Tiger! Tiger!
  3. The Sea Wolf
  4. Hardworlder
  5. The Spoils
  6. Frankfurt-Hann Airport Blues
  7. Angelo’s Song
  8. Derig Doom
  9. Insomnia
  10. Poison Treasures
  11. Karma – Kazee
  12. The Death Of Dr. Universe
  13. Street Jammer
Slough Feg - Hardworlder

There’s more than a flavour of rustic Metal charm to the music of SLOUGH FEG (the band formerly known as the tongue twisting THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG) Perennial underground Metal champions their star has yet to shine over the mainstream Hard Rock listeners head but once bitten this ramshackle lot, complete with a myriad of Rock N Roll influences will leave you pondering that yet again the Metal world has nestling, a rough diamond that probably never will, rightly or wrongly, get past cult status.


‘’Hardworlder’’ is SLOUGH FEG’S (they shortened the name in 2005) sixth studio offering and in keeping with tradition of previous album incarnations the heady mix of Folk, NWOBHM, 70’s Rock and all out eccentricity reveals a potent album harking back to the halcyon days of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Hard Rock.


The band themselves declare a sound mixing Celtic Folk with Traditional Heavy/ Power Metal and for your money you get plenty of MAIDEN, PRIEST, THIN LIZZY, UFO, SKYCLAD, SAXON – six of the UK’s greatest Rock acts- all rolled into one and let me tell you there are few bands keeping the flame for old school Metal more alive than these Yanks. It’s as if the last thirty years disappeared down a worm hole for SLOUGH FEG. Intrinsically a fairly basic guitar verse chorus type album ‘’Hardworlder’’ seeks only those who wish to enjoy a trip down memory lane. It’s all done with little pretence but with much care and dedication. Vocalist Mike Scalzi is no Halford or Dickinson but take nothing away from his rich timbre which infuses the music so appropriately. He isn’t too bad an axe man into the bargain and along with fellow guitarist Angelo Tringali they ply the traditional duelling guitars a la MAIDEN and LIZZY with a skill, depth and devotion.


Honestly each track is a killer with particluar highlights the spritely Melodic infection of ’’Angelo’s Song’’ and ’’Derig Doom’’ or the epic bravado of ’’Tiger! Tiger!’’.’’Hardworlder’’ adds in a bottom range sound in true SABBATH style that quickly gallops off into early MAIDEN. The oddly titlted ’’Franfurt-Hann Airport Blues’’ invokes JUDAS PRIEST tinged with some UFO. A great driving riff delivers one of the records heaviest songs.


SLOUGH FEG don’t pander to fashion and perhaps even the thought of super-stardom is a nadir to them. And ironically like most of the now defunct NWOBHM bands they aspire to keep alive maybe keeping under the radar is the best thing for SLOUGH FEG and their entourage to do.

(Online September 18, 2007)

Chris Doran

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