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25 tablatures for Misery Index

Misery Index - Overthrow (8,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Anarchos
Playing time: 15:07
Band homepage: Misery Index


  1. Manufacturing Greed
  2. Your Pain Is Nothing
  3. Blood On Their Hands
  4. Pulling Out The Nails
  5. Dead Shall Rise
Misery Index - Overthrow
As I put "Overthrow" into my CD player for the first time, I breathed a sigh of relief. Once I heard that three fourths of DYING FETUS' line up left, I felt that we were losing one of our better bands. However, upon hearing that Jason Netherton, Kevin Talley and Sparky Voyles had formed a new band, I was intrigued. Now that I've heard what these four (the line up is completed by Mike Harrison, ex-PESSIMIST) madmen can create, I felt that although we were perhaps going to lose a great band, we had gained a fantastic one. (NOTE: DYING FETUS have not disbanded and should have an album out soon). The music here is simply phenomenal. The performance is top notch hyper fast Death/Grind with extremely catchy hooks that leave you with no option but to bang your head.

Despite its short length (it even seems a little short for an EP!) it certainly deserves a spot in any extreme Metalheads collection. If MISERY INDEX can match the intensity of this release, and back it up with the same high quality song writing, then we should definitely be hearing a lot more from these guys. (Online September 27, 2002)

Mark McKenna

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