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Raven - Rock Until You Drop (10/10) - Great Britain - 1981/1992

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Neat Records
Playing time: 44:35
Band homepage: Raven


  1. Hard Ride
  2. Hell Patrol
  3. Don't Need Your Money
  4. Over The Top
  5. 39/40
  6. For The Future
  7. Rock Until You Drop
  8. Nobody's Hero
  9. Hell Raiser/Action
  10. Lambs To The Slaughter
  11. Tyrant Of The Airways
Raven - Rock Until You Drop

One of the biggest albums of the NWoBHM definitely is “Rock Until You Drop“ by RAVEN. The cult-like front cover unmistakeably shows what awaits us musically. Chaos and fun always had been two elements that the band’s sound was founded on and brought some great achievements on their way.


Sound fetishists should make a huge detour around this album, just like fans of intricate and finely structured music, because “Rock Until You Drop” is reigned by hell. Raw, dirty and very intense noise is the law (and I mean “noise” as something positive here). The two Gallagher brothers hammer very seducing guitar runs and bass lines out of their axes and the man-made Animal from the Muppets Show Rob Hunter closes any potential hole in the sound with his frenetic drum work. And when John Gallagher lets out one of his oft-used, shrill screams, then even a Bruce Dickinson will pale. So much for “Air Raid Siren”!


Who to describe the music? Well, I tend to say...mix the rhythms of AC/DC with the speed and brutality of MOTÖRHEAD and a big dose of originality and you roughly have what you can hear here. And the album has one thing for all times: steam on all machines!!! Even the SWEET cover versions “Hell Raiser/Action“ sound like their own. This album is part of Metal’s basic requirements.

(Online January 11, 2011)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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