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Threshold - Extinct Instinct (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 1997/2004

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 76:31
Band homepage: Threshold


  1. Exposed
  2. Somatography
  3. Eat The Unicorn
  4. Forever
  5. Virtual Isolation
  6. Whispering
  7. Lake Of Despond
  8. Clear
  9. Life Flow
  10. Part Of The Chaos
  11. Seque
  12. Mansion (Bonus Track)
  13. Exposed (Edit/Bonus Track)
  14. Virtual Isolation (Edit/Bonus Track)
Threshold - Extinct Instinct

“Extinct Instinct” is the third studio album of British Prog Metallers THRESHOLD. Back in 1997 Damian Wilson still was the singer (again), who had been the vocalist of their debut “Wounded Land” and the band was still far away from today’s status in the Metal scene. Still the early albums of the band already were heralders of what was about to come, some people even claim that the releases with Damian Wilson are the best ones, but I will not go there.


On “Extinct Instinct“ THRESHOLD still had been far more progressive and not as easily accessible as nowadays. For proof just listen to opener “Exposed” or the two long tracks “Eat The Unicorn” and “Part Of The Chaos”. But still these songs, too, will stick to your memory, it just takes a little longer than with the catchy material of the last albums with Andrew “Mac” McDermott. With “Clear”, “Life Flow” and especially “Virtual Isolation” (absolute hit!) we also get songs, though, that will go into your ear immediately and are forerunners of the more modern THRESHOLD. Especially these songs still often show up in the band’s setlist and that alone already shows the status of these tracks.”Lake Of Despond” is another highlight that is rather one of the forgotten jewels in the band’s back catalogue. “Somatography” and “Forever” don’t touch me as much, but still are above average. The 2004 special edition version also has some bonus tracks on offer, which are not a must, though, the production is excellent, just like we are used to from the Brits.


Compared to following “Clone“, “Extinct Instinct“ is the better album, even though I favour Mac as a singer. The song quality and hit density is very high and would only be surpassed with the albums from “Hypothecical” on. As Damian Wilson is back behind the mic, we will surely be able to witness some more of these songs in the live environment and that’ll be a great thing. Newer fans will have to get this, if they don’t already own the older albums, also anyone who thinks that THRESHOLD are too catchy these days should check it out, maybe “Extinct Instinct” is more to your liking.


Check-out tips: “Virtual Isolation”, “Clear”, “Life Flow”, “Eat The Unicorn”

(Online January 20, 2011)

Patrick Weiler

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