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Koritni - Lady Luck (5/10) - Australia - 2007

Genre: Hard Rock / Rock
Label: Bad Reputation Records
Playing time: 44:13
Band homepage: Koritni


  1. Red Light Joint
  2. Under The Overpass
  3. Heaven Again
  4. Highway Dream
  5. Never Say Goodbye
  6. Sick Again
  7. Not Your Man
  8. I See The Light
  9. Starving Fast
  10. Lady Luck
  11. Got To Get You Into My Life
  12. Ain’t No Love Song
Koritni - Lady Luck

I must say that I am a bit annoyed after hearing the album "Lady Luck" by the Australian Rock band KORITNI. It’s not because the music is unbearable or anything. This is a fairly shallow Hard Rock album with catchy parts, typical but good guitar work and a high 80s party factor. The problem lies in the attitude that permeates this album. Partly it is the fact that the band is a so extremely typical “cool” Rock band that disturbs me. The vocalist sounds like the guy from NICKLEBACK and it seems like he is trying the worst he can to sound like you should when singing this sort of “cool” 80s Hard Rock. He goes from trying to sound rough to singing like he was performing “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” or something, if you see what I am aiming at.


The guitars sometimes touch the border of Metal, but certainly never cross it, and the Bluesy Rock-inspiration is obvious. Everything is very listenable and easy and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this in a bar or something. The drumming is not that heavy but pretty classical in its mid- to slow tempo. The bass hides a bit in the background but does its job well.

The clichés of this album are annoying, as mentioned. The band even looks like they live in the eighties and most of the lyrics are about love and alcohol, which are themes that I find very boring in lyrics, even though the first one is nice in reality. This is an album that few people would notice if it was in the background in a movie or in a restaurant, it’s that listenable that a listener like me loses interest. Three things save this album from a low grade, even though I have criticized it since the start of this review: the first is the fact that there is nothing wrong with the songs or the musicianship, the second are the occasional catchy guitar riffs and the third is the last song, “Ain’t No Love Song”, which is a slow and heavy closer with more power than the rest of the album. I wouldn’t buy this though.

(Online September 21, 2007)

Adam Westlund

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