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What's He Building In There - s/t (6/10) - Canada - 2007

Genre: Avantgarde / Hardcore Metal
Label: Year Of The Sun Records
Playing time: 49:50
Band homepage: What's He Building In There


  1. Black Scythe Affair
  2. Citizen Of The City
  3. A Walk On The Beach
  4. Armadillo
  5. Armageddon
  6. (Holy Shit) The Droid Is Missing
  7. I, Xolot
  8. Monkey Knife Fight
  9. Windmills
  10. Avian Taxi


What's He Building In There - s/t

WHATíS HE BUILDING IN THERE is the shittiest name Iíve seen all year, pretentious crap. It sounds like a band residing up its own ass, and itís safe to say that I and it arenít up for a flying start. Will the plane eventually take off? It looks grim, but read on.


I donít give a flying fuck what they chose to label themselves, I name their style art-core. Now, that isnít necessarily positive, as I think most paintings and structures (or whatever) made in the name of art looks like utter shite, something out of a horrible dream but without the magic. There are some, however, who convince even me that this high cultural bullshit is more than decadent manure for the rich and perverted. Would WHBIT make a good painter? At least it would be a rather sober and understandable one, though not one thatíd set the world of cocaine sniffing twats aka art critiques on its head. They arenít weird enough, and believe me, weirdness is all it takes to get a name these days.


Iím not going to pretend that Iím the perfect one to do a review of this band, far from. It doesnít mean much though, as I can discern quality from shit in most genres you can think of. I know, Iím sort of a Superman, though one thatíll rot, not rust. Iíd also like to add that I volunteered to try some core-related music due to being a bit fed up by Death Metal lately. So the record label shouldn't be too mad on Alex and Val.


WHBIT is a quality band with quality musicians having more potential than they are currently showcasing. The main reason I think this record is weaker than it couldíve been is because the lack of focus, the songs spanning too much within themselves, like oil and water at times. Going from Death Metal to UB-40-ish Reggae/Jazz/Metal is not what makes my boat float: Not even my plastic duck. Itís important to add that they arenít going apeshit, making a clusterfuck of it. I felt for highlighting Ďcause it shows a band trying a wee bit hard to be special. Trust your skills, guys.


Iíll give them credit for trying something a bit different though, and that without presenting a total flop. Here is talent, no doubt, and if they flesh out the good parts they might just be heard of in the future. If you are very much into core related music, and like to try something a bit different, I recommend you this band. For most Extreme Metal fans I say no.


Take off, though to a destination I'm not too keen on exploring. I still wish them the best of luck on the ride.


(Their name is most likely taken from a Tom Waits song, canít say I thought much about him while the record spun)

(Online September 22, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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