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Unerase - Own Universe (6/10) - Ukraïne - 2006

Genre: Metalcore / Death Metal / Melodic Metal
Label: Unicorn Records
Playing time: 47:07
Band homepage: Unerase


  1. Creeping Silence (Intro)
  2. Out Of The Game >mp3
  3. Sense Of Life >mp3
  4. Star >mp3
  5. Falling Down >mp3
  6. All I Desired >mp3
  7. Laugh At Me >mp3
  8. Where Is You God >mp3
  9. New Friend >mp3
  10. Own Universe >mp3
  11. Sleeping Deeply >mp3
Unerase - Own Universe

Often when I listen to Metalcore or music that borders to it, I get tired right away. I am not sure why, but it is something with their constant stupid-sounding bawling combined with the cut-up and ear-crushing riffs that makes me want to leave the room. The Ukrainian band UNERASE manage to avoid that trap, though. They play something on the border between Melodic Death, with some Gothenburg influences, and Metalcore. The melodic elements come in at the right places for my taste and manage to make me look with kinder eyes upon the typical traits of Metalcore that are featured here.


The riffing on here is pretty interesting, even though I am not that fond of the thrusting and cut way that Metalcore riffs work. There is no doubt, however, that UNERASE is composed of skilled musicians. The bass and drums play tightly together with the guitars and the drumming is actually pretty creative; I am not sure if I like too much experimentation in this vein with the drumming, but it works here. The vocals consist of the ordinary Metalcore bawls mixed with clean vocals that are pretty close to the Gothenburg style of clean singing.


This is not an album to get surprised by, but it provides a solid listen and gives you the feeling that you are enjoying a Metal album, which not all albums do today. If you’re in to the genres circling around Melodic Death Metal and the Metalcore scene I would suggest that you check this out. For others it will probably just be another well-executed but decent album.

(Online September 24, 2007)

Adam Westlund

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