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Wonderland - Somewhere In My Eyes (3,5/10) - Italy - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 15:58
Band homepage: Wonderland


  1. Somewhere In My Eyes (Radio Version)
  2. Nothing's Left To Say
  3. Lost And Lonely Days
  4. Goodbye
Wonderland - Somewhere In My Eyes
I think, WONDERLAND are a perfect example for Italian Power/Speed-clones. Why?

First of all, they aren't a real band, because we know guys like Andrea Torricini, Frank Andiver and Vic Mazzoni from other bands, the rest of the band was ever unknown and will be ever unknown.

What is different in the sound of WONDERLAND, in comparison with the about 420000 exactly similar sounding bands from Italy? If you listen to the music, you won't hear any differences, this is faceless, epic-symphonic Power/Speed Metal, totally interchangeable. The voice, however, isn't to interchange, but I don't believe what the booklet says, because there is "Alexx Hall" written under the picture of a man, but I listened to this several times and now I'm sure: THIS ISN'T A MAN! I know many shouters, who can sing very high, but this IS the voice of a woman!

He, eh, she, ehm, whoever, doesn't have a bad voice, but this doesn't help WONDERLAND as little as the WARLORD-cover "Lost And Lonely Days", just listen to the radio-version of the title track - oh my god!

If you want a reason for the bad status of the Italian scene, here it is! (Online October 4, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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