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Fulmini Scarlattj - Absolum (1,5/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Rock
Label: Nelly Records
Playing time: 39:13
Band homepage: -


  1. Pippo
  2. Sinistre Emozioni
  3. Gli Umili
  4. Ciao
  5. Cosa Sei Cosi
  6. Ciccio
  7. Costo
  8. Ilaria
  9. Tratta
  10. Blues
Fulmini Scarlattj - Absolum

The first thing that one must note when reviewing this album, "Absolum", by FULMINI SCARLATTJ is that the cover is the worst I have ever seen. It seems to be painted at home in half-an-hour and succeeds to combine a worse-than-kindergarten painting skill, a theme so cheesy that RHAPSODY OF FIRE would laugh and the album title written in Times New Roman or something. Alright, I shouldn’t be judging this band’s skill level and song writing before I hear the actual album. The sad thing is that my opinion was only confirmed by hearing the music.


The first few seconds of the opener I thought that the pretty distorted guitar-work and basic Rock drumming could definitely be worse, but then the vocals came in. This vocalist is so bad that most Punk bands would probably kick him out. He is so bad that it isn’t even amusing. He sings out of tune, he has a nasal voice and he uses a singing style with weird yells that make me long for the vocalist of STAR QUEEN. (Read my review of "Faithbringer"; then you get the picture).


The songs sound almost the same all of them. The only one that is a little different is the eight track “Ilaria” that is more of a ballad. They start out with a long yell from the vocalist and then go on with basic Rock music until they end. Sometimes it sounds a little like a talented band of children that play in a garage, you know, a little stiff and undeveloped. I should however be fair and say that the instruments do nothing wrong in many of the songs and because of that I cannot lower the grade below 1,5. It cannot go higher either; the song structures are very simple, the vocalist is absolutely worthless and the cover art is so bad it should have been replaced by a blank paper if they wanted more respect.

(Online October 11, 2007)

Adam Westlund

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