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49 tablatures for Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa - Tierra De Leyendas (9/10) - Spain - 2000

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 43:06
Band homepage: Tierra Santa


  1. La tormenta
  2. Tierras de leyenda
  3. Sodoma y Gomorra
  4. La cancion del pirata (I)
  5. La cancion del pirata (II)
  6. El secreto del faraon
  7. La momia
  8. La Torre de Babel
  9. Una juventud perdida
  10. La Caja de Pandora
  11. El Caballo de Troya
Tierra Santa - Tierra De Leyendas
Well, those Spaniards grow really uncanny to me. With only little time in between they record three albums, all of which nearly decapitating me and their third effort "Tierras de leyenda" is no exception.

The opening title-track thunders out of the speakers with some fast and immensely powerfully produced stainless steel, which just makes you bang your head to it. Just the same with "Sodoma y Gomorra", "La Torre de Babel" or "El Caballo de Troya", while the divided "La cancion del pirata" shows that they master ballads just as well.

Slightly different is "La Momia", which enchants the listener with its arabic melodies and keyboards after the dramatic intro "El secreto del faraon", great track!

If the new IRON MAIDEN turns out to be like this album, too, then it will be a great one. And if not, then you shouldn't get mad, because as long as you have TIERRA SANTA in your collection, it doesn't really matter, what the Britons are doing!

Alexander Melzer

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