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Noidz - Water World (9/10) - Portugal - 2007

Genre: Electro Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:37
Band homepage: Noidz


  1. Alienoidz Theme
  2. XXM Light Years
Noidz - Water World

NOIDZ is from outer space, a group of five aliens that were lucky enough to escape the extinction of their planet. They’ve come to Earth and are trying to lead normal lives, while perhaps hiding ulterior motives. So far, they’ve been peaceful and have embraced human creativity, so I guess that makes them a bit more trustworthy than GWAR, who have simply shown up on this planet, erected a base in Antarctica and are willing to destroy humanity just for the hell of it.


Anyway, “Water World” is the first single from NOIDZ, and keeping in tandem with the whole “space alien” back story to the band, is a very futuristic/science fiction sounding mix of Techno and Rock/Metal. “Yea, that’s called Industrial, genius” you might say, but that tag doesn’t fit, nor does it accurately describe the music.


What NOIDZ has done has taken the aesthetics of Techno/Trance and that of Heavy Metal, and created something that isn't a mixture. The two genres exist in a symbiotic environment, both facets of NOIDZ being distinct, yet complementing the whole. Calling this “Dance music with guitars” makes it sound like these guys right monotonous, but that is the most accurate description in spite of itself, mainly because this sounds like what humans, humanoids and aliens will get funky and shake their asses to (if we ever manage to get the technology for space travel before blowing ourselves up). The problem with two songs though is that IT’S NOT ENOUGH. As soon as I’m starting to understand what the band is up to and what their angle is, it’s over.


That said, I REALLY like these two songs, but I wonder two things:

a)       Can they write an entire album within this style that can hold my interest throughout and make me want to come back for repeated listens

b)       When is said album coming out?


If NOIDZ can crank out quality music like this, they’re welcome to stay on this planet.

(Online October 12, 2007)

Armen Janjanian

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