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Crepitation/Ingested/Kastrated - North-West Slam-Fest (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Grindethic Records
Playing time: 42:24
Band homepage: Crepitation
Band homepage: Ingested
Band homepage: Kastrated



  1. Effervescent Oesophagus Pumps
  2. Incongruous Penilectomy
  3. Conceived In Mortification
  4. GEK
  5. Equine Phallic Impalement


  1. Scat In A Box
  2. Frankenchild
  3. Rabid Dog
  4. Disfigured Beyond Grotesque
  5. Womb Raider


  1. Human Abattoir
  2. Butchered And Devoured
  3. Pre-released Foetal Mush
  4. Erotic Depravity
  5. Copremesis
Crepitation - North-West Slam-Fest

Here we go with a triple trashing of slamming Death Metal, guaranteed to loosen your liver and leave a ringing in your ears. Prepare to to be punch-bagged to the gleeful sounds of two pigs porking. Suffice to say that this trio of bands pelt out brutal Death with a whiff of Grind, despite the levelling, the delivery is infused with humour set at the right level (for a change,) at least you will be chortling when your spine snaps.

CREPITATION carry the baton first with their five furious fisters, the pounding starts from the off as the first track piles in, lining up to take your legs out before they start to slice and dice. Filth filled riffs alternate between buzzsaw bite and shotblast detonation, a grubby groove tying it all together. Skittering speed repeatedly meets with brick wall recoil, the drums being equally complicit in instigating the tempo change with frequent blasts being met with more militaristic tattoos. “Incongruous Penilectomy” best showcases the concrete contrast of pace, setting off with their arses on fire, abrasive riffs cascade like guillotine blades before the graveyard stalking takes over and the sense of unpleasantness increases.

As evidenced elsewhere by their split-mates, piggies at play form the mainstay of the vocals together with cave-dweller grunting, normally all this “wee-weep” strikes me as absurd but here it actually fits in well, it reminds me of Vic Reeves' pub singer does Gore. Of course the vocals are purely percussive and when taken in context of the bestial approach to the music, they fit sticky hand in latex glove. It is also clear that the band have a sense of fun, the samples used aren't the usual anal slashers, in fact all three bands have shown more thought than usual to their choice of sound-bites. The bottom line is that neuralgia will result as this sonic onslaught plays havoc with your nerve ends, and it'll leave you smiling, even if it is a rictus grin.

KASTRATED pretty much carry on where the others left off, there are subtle differences, the lead guitar is more insistent and there is a more mechanical vibe to their mission of demolition. The vocals rely on a more traditional guttural roar which is supported by unhinged snarling, there are still sections of porcine embellishment but nowhere near as much as features on the first five tracks. This band possess a sterner disposition, they are noticeably more serious but not up there own arse, to show they mean business the compositions are twisted by skewed lead at the end of riffs and the odd solo steels in to strip flesh.

Another common thread for all three bands is the frantic drumming, KASTRATED are no different and, though disciplined in comparison, the skin abuse is clear to hear, sometimes there is an almost bi-polar element to this concussive clout. There is a depth charge quality during some of the slowdowns, implosions of bass threatening to collapse your eardrums, it's all a little bit deadly when combined with the nail up the nose guitar-work. This mid-section seriously threatens to loosen your floorboards so stick to ground level when this is playing, unless you fancy the prospect of splinters where the sun don't shine.

And so to INGESTED, who are up to their gnarled knuckles in nastiness. Again the loose template of flung-out rapidity and bone-crunching slowdowns is utilised, on balance this final five finds the greatest fluidity, there is a clearer dynamic but as a result the heaviness of the first two is slightly diminished, though not so you'd notice or care, these are still tank killers and just as lethal due to the rifling effect of the trajectory. The fact that INGESTED sound the most earnest of the contributors here may well be down to the “weep” quotient, it's none existent, the vocals here consist of growls harvested from the bottom of the belly and tend to stay that way rather than relying on the duality favoured by the other two bands.

Despite having the longest sample, in fact “Human Abattoir” is purely that, INGESTED maintain focus for the remainder on causing considerable damage, the drums strafe like the preceding bands but gain an edge in the bass department, just enough to suggest a greater fleetness. There is a more sinister tone to them, you wouldn't leave them alone with your granny, CREPITATION and KASTRATED might take the piss out of her but INGESTED would tend towards the unspeakable. The guitar sounds less distinct than the others, not to any detriment, in fact the slightly murkier tone adds to the sense of unease, there are still acid drenched riffs aplenty amongst the nightstalker menace.

So there you have it, a collection of the cancerous that no amount of radiation is going to cure, despite their similar approach to the genre, each band has its nuances and each their own merit. Which one of them suits your palette more, I don't know, for me, there isn't a gnat's 'nad between them. For dash that ends with a rash, look no further.

(Online October 14, 2007)

Niall MacCartney

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